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Woah! This 'Saath Nibhana Saathiya' actor gets CHEATED for Rs 50,000

And, he instantly took an action regarding the same.


Actor, Neeraj Bharadwaj, who is currently seen in Saath Nibhana Saathiya is facing a tough times these days and he had to instantly adopt measures to rectify the same.

The actor owns a car but is forced to travel in a cab to the sets every day. And the reason for the same is that he had to fire his driver as Neeraj was cheated by him.

It so happened that Neeraj asked his driver to withdraw Rs 50,000 from his bank account and when the man returned he mentioned about misplacing it. Neeraj mentioned about how it wasn't the first time that he was reckless about things, but he kept ignoring his carelessness till that day.

And after this, Neeraj finally decided to fire his driver and is currently taking a cab to work till he finds a new one.

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Alikhan2158 2017-06-10T07:21:20Z Honestly, why would you trust your driver or anyone else for that matter to get money out of your bank. That person could easily steal it for themselves. In today's world, you can't trust anyone. All the same, I feel sorry for him. 50,000 rs is a large amount by the way
ukgal62 2017-06-10T02:42:58Z Stooopid article! Didn't think he was in Saathya now...unless he's on a looong break!
angelic8219 2017-06-10T02:03:18Z Why would you trust your driver or anyone else to withdraw any money out of your bank account anyway? Driver took the chance on your stupidity. Banking is a personal thing don't be so lazy otherwise you open yourself to loosing money and identity fraud.
josh135 2017-06-10T00:00:45Z So dumb! Who asks his driver to withdraw such a huge amount.
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