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WOAH!! Mauli CUTS all ties with Kunal and Nandini; show to take a LEAP?

To know about all that occurs in the upcoming episodes, read on...


Colors' 'Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka' recently saw how Mauli (Aditi Sharma) finally saw Kunal (Shakti Arora) and Nandini (Drashti Dhami) together. 

Mauli breaks down and looses her mind. She wails and cries on seeing her worst fears come true. Not able fathom the reality, she does not let Kunal explain himself and walks away from the celebrations.

Seeing Mauli's condition, Kunal goes after her and Nandini heads home (thankfully both of them feel guilty for cheating on Mauli). However, surprises await both of them at home. 

While Kunal finds the house empty and he realises the weight of his mistakes and guilt, Nandini is welcomed home by Rajdeep (Abhinav Shukla).

Rajdeep taunts Nandini and accuses her of cheating on her best friend who sheltered her and always protected her. Rajdeep successfully breaks Nandini and also tells her that she is not capable of doing good to anybody.

On the other hand, Mauli finally walks home and goes back into the room without even taking a look at Kunal, who urges her to talk to him.

We hear that in the upcoming episodes, Mauli will confront Kunal and Nandini. She will berate Nandini for ruining her life and will blame herself for bringing Nandini into her happily married life.

And then, Mauli will throw Nandini out of her house and her life as well. And then, she will ask Kunal to make a choice between her and Nandini.

We also hear that all this will finally lead to Mauli cutting all ties with Kunal and Nandini. Not only that, Kunal's mother and Dida too will throw Kunal out of the house and disown him.

The will move on to take a (2 years we hear) leap post which Mauli will be seen residing with Kunal's mom and Dida and Kunal will be seen living with nandini. And both Kunal and Nandini will still be vying for Mauli's forgiveness. (P.S. These are speculated rumors and we could not get any confirmation until the time of filing the story).

Interesting turn of events... isn't it? 

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Abhinav Shukla Drashti Dhami Aditi Bhattacharya Aditi Sharma Shakti Arora Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka-Season 2  Colors 

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drashtidhamiqqq 2018-09-16T16:02:09Z Drashti Dhami Only Drashti Dhami The beauty of elegance and creativity in acting and the finest and nicest actress Drashti Dhami Drashti Dhami Drashti Dhami
adoremevirgo 2018-09-15T23:34:04Z strange...for two years kunal and nandini will be living together and yet will be vying for mauli's this for sick can it be...
drashtidhamiqqq 2018-09-15T15:15:37Z Drashti Dhami...Drashti The best and Cute...Drashti The magnificence of the elegance of beauty creativity Drashti Dhami
KICKSALLUFANDDD 2018-09-14T13:16:12Z Drashti Dhami.. Luv u.. Plz quit this show.. It's really sucks.. Hamari society mein aise shows koi pasand nahi it's realistic story..
Gahana9999 2018-09-14T04:24:38Z That's better to move on than living with such friend and husband.guilt of both doesn't change what they have done and both of them at same time cannot be there in Mouli life and they both don't deserve Mouli
egghead24 2018-09-14T04:15:21Z When oh when will they show Nandini standing on her OWN TWO FEET and not depend on ANY MAN!!??!! Drashti is such an amazing actress...she can totally do justice to that role!!
God the writers simply suck!!
zoha7865 2018-09-14T03:38:43Z Good for maulli. She made the right decision of moving on.
greyanastasia 2018-09-14T03:13:26Z Plzzz someone give 1 justification about kunal-nandini's cheating on mauli?? It's ridiculous. Mauli and kunal loved each other a lot, nandini n mauli were inseparable best friends n mauli did everything for nandini and in return she get hurt beyond repair by these two
Unicorn67 2018-09-13T23:50:25Z To begin with Mauli should not even ask him to choose between her or Nandini... just throw him out of your life and let them rotten in hell.
Ardhanarishwara 2018-09-13T21:42:50Z I hope from now onwards makers focus more on Maulis journey and less on Kundini Rasleela..And ofcourse we also want to watch the barbaadi of Kundini.. they deserves to rot in hell..Aditi Sharma is literally living as Mauli..
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