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Woah! Kabir & Zara to get SEPARATED; 'Ishq Subhan Allah' to take a LEAP

Your favorite Zee TV show is set to go through major development...


Zee TV's Ishq Subhan Allah has been the audience's favourite for well over a year now but every show has to go through development and changes if it needs to sustain the unforgivable nature of running long on the tube.

And on that note, the show is all set to go through a major development as it will be enabling a leap. Ishq Subhan Allah will be going through a small one year leap but the result of that will be the separation of Kabir (Adnan Khan) and Zara (Eisha Singh).

Yes! That's right. Kabir and Zara will no longer be together post the leap and the journey will of the same will begin post the leap. The show will begin the telecast of the same in the upcoming episodes in the next week.

Are you excited for the same? Leave in your comments below..
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angel_juhi04 2019-04-14T22:41:26Z How can a couple separating so much can really be true love in today's time? They should have divorced long back. Kabir is worse than even Asad and Ahil. This woman should divorce him and study further instead of ruining her life.
Zaabir 2019-04-14T16:40:06Z Multiple separations is must for ITV shows and to top it up why not add a third angle. Seriously this is beyond ridiculous, CVS really need to come up with new and fresh ideas rather than this pathetic repetitive separation and third wheel crap.
latanzia 2019-04-14T06:01:20Z when show looses it charm and viewers this is the crap zee and cv's turns to.
It is the same thing over and over in this show zara vs kabir
SamW92 2019-04-14T02:30:22Z What's with that separation & leap track in shows ! It's so predictable in many shows. Leads are seperated multiple times in multiple shows. CVs should come up with something new.
aparupanath 2015-05-05T10:56:08Z Deepika Padukone, you are looking awesome in the simple-girl make-up also. love you.
-Piku- 2015-05-04T23:32:57Z Waiting for this movie.
Piku Deepika PAdukone love u loads
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