Witness horror and sex change in Comedy Circus in Sony

From horror to sex change..this week's Comedy Circus promises to take us on laughter rollercoaster ride.


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Karishma Tanna has been possessed by spirits and Ali-Kashif went for a sex change. If you all don’t believe me then watch Sony Channel on 18th August at 9.30 pm to witness all the drama, action and yes be ready to laugh all the way.

In the thematic round of Comedy Circus where one comedian from the Jodi has to remain mute while the other do the talking, Karishma Tanna –Khayali bounced back with 'by far the most hilarious performance' of being possessed by spirits of different filmstars and Khayali plays a no-brainer Tantrik, trying his best to drive away the spirits! We must say Khayali finally got his minutes of fame here with Karishma having to be mute in the act! If nothing else Khayali might just impress the Ramsay's and land a role in one of their 'oh so funny' horror films.
Ali-Kashif one with the lowest score in their first few episodes are now experimenting with different characters to impress the judges with their antics. Ali-Khasif turns women where Ali is Soni (Soni Mahiwal fame) and Kashif plays Moni (a struggling village girl). Their act of ' Soni –Moni' of 2 pregnant women wanting to commit suicide was appreciated by the judges so much that Archana suggested they were better of being women. Kasif said "Unlike other jodis (Urvashi-Shakeel, Karihma-Khayali) where one is a female and the other male, they decided to fill in by taking turns in playing woman. Who says there aren't too many women in stand -up comedy, Comedy Circus has had most men turn into women!

Author: Kirti

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pomegranate 2007-08-20T22:08:35Z hey guys I just think it's stupid. karishma tanna and khayali act sounds very funny but i hate it when men change their sex. I don't think it's funny but I think it's disgusting especially when their pregnent.
april19 2007-08-20T16:01:15Z i like karishma so i ll be sure to watch!
xxdesigulxx 2007-08-20T06:53:52Z thankx 4 the article and picz.....so happy to see the change in reality show of india.....america's realities shows are like this one...........!!!
*spingirl_1210* 2007-08-20T05:36:22Z sahi mein yeh log kitne funny lag rahe hai..
eternal 2007-08-19T13:29:08Z i agree with cutykoo20 shakeel is the funniest
cutykoo20 2007-08-19T10:16:08Z i think shakeel is the best in all
all his jokes are jus mind blowing....
shakeel should b the winner
Jaslove 2007-08-18T17:58:22Z its sure going to be one hell of a laugh riot today. thanks for the article kirti
HobbitButt 2007-08-18T15:42:53Z Baappree they all look soo funny lol

Thanks :p
iceangel 2007-08-18T11:59:56Z isn't karishma n khayali r eliminated???well ALI Khasif n shakeel n Urvashe mah fav!
~RexKiRani~ 2007-08-18T11:58:09Z karishma khayali r back howwww man i wanna watch shakeel urvashi
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