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Will Gopi die in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

A tragic incident to take place in show Sath Nibhana Sathiya,as Gopi will meet with an accident

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Star Plus' Saath Nibhana Saathiya is a number 1 show on the TRP chart from quite a long time. The makers are leaving no stone unturned to maintain their position by grabbing more and more eyeballs.

As the show is happy moments where Vidya is trying to reunite the family and also all other kids except Meera have forgiven Gopi. But soon there will be major twist which will leave Modi family in a shock.

So what exactly will happen?

As seen in the episodes that Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) is keeping an eye on Meera that with which guy she is hanging around. Thus, when Meera along with that guy will go to a night club, Gopi will disguise herself and will follow them. Meera will get drunk and when the guy will try to come closer to Meera while dancing because of which Gopi will get irked and will slap the guy. When the guy will ask Gopi that who she is, Gopi will introduce herself as Meera's mother. This will not go well with Meera and will confront Gopi that why is she following her. When Gopi will try to explain Meera, in state of anger Meera will push Gopi and Gopi will lose her balance. She will break the glass wall and will fall down on the parked car below. Coincidentally, Ahem (Mohammad Nazim) will also be present there and he will see Gopi. He will immediately take Gopi to the hospital.”

Will Gopi die or this incident will bring a major twist?

Stay Tuned for more updates. 

Neha Jain

Mohammad Nazim Devoleena Bhattacharjee Saath Nibhana Saathiya  Star Plus 

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phillips_2909 5 years ago no she cant die... if she died there is no life to the story... meera should realise her mistake and ahem should tell her what happen in past with her so that she can change her decision...
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letmetellyou 5 years ago as far as i have watched this tv show gopi will not die. the way she has fallen looks like it will make her parallized or may be she will be in coma i say all that because on top of this page it say "' Saath Nibhana Saathiya is a number 1 show on the TRP chart " if they kill gopi no one will like this drama or people will probably ignore it and from number 1 it will go to last number . killing gopi will be stupid if they kill gopi how will problem between gopi and meera solve. if u all want this drama to end then writer need to solve problems between gopi and meera and ahem and make abig happy family and they should send kingel back to her maika and make a big happy family and end this drama.
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Joshua_TANHA 5 years ago SNS, diya baati and Yrkkh should stop now
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quirkygirl 5 years ago Yeah Gopi vahu will die and take her saathiya along with her.After all the story has to comply with the title isn't it?
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Angela_Grokes 5 years ago No. She won't die. Someone will kill are with a Trishul. ROFL
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Alpha_Ka_Gamma 5 years ago Yeah Dobi Vahu Will die and then her Aatma will come and torture viewers...!!! NONSENSE
Rename this show as ** Raat Ko Aana Aur Khaana Banana Saathiyaa**
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sahil70 5 years ago yeah shell die and then there'll be a hundred year leap and she be reborn and be back ROFL

seriously how does any one watch these nonsense Wacko
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dare.devil 5 years ago @VeritaS13
positive message in YRKKH??...hmmm I beg to defer ...its just another dragged show

SNS and YRKKH remind me of KGGK and KKSBKBT...

just useless brain wrecking shows !!!
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Sparklingcider 5 years ago DOH considering this show is going to run for another HUNDRED years or so OBVIOUSLY Gopi doesn't die!!!
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VintageWine 5 years ago She dies, serial shall be over. Daz not possible.
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