Will Chakor sacrifice her studies to save ishwar?

A major twist to be seen in Colors' Udann. Read to know more... Read on to know more.

"Phalguni Sharma"
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Colors show Udann has been attracting eyeballs with its concept and has been aiming to educate audience.

As per the ongoing episodes, Bhaiya ji is trying all possible ways too pull Chakor (Spandan Chaturvedi) down and stop her by pursuing her dreams but on the other hand Chakor has always foiled Bhaiya ji's (Sai Ballal) plans. Whereas Imli (Tasheen Shah) and other kids comes to rescue Chakor from the cage but fail to do so.

Earlier we had reported that Ishwar (Sandeep Baswana) lands up in the jail under pretext of  kidnapping Chakor, but it was Bhaiyaa Ji who was behind this evil game.

Now what will Chakor do to rescue Ishwar? This is what our source informs us -

"In the upcoming episode Bhaiya ji will out forth a condition before Chakor that if she wants to help Ishwar then she has to leave her studies and start living a life of a labor again. Chakor will agree to this condition and she will erase all those things which she had written on the walls where she was locked up by Bhaiya Ji."

Will Chakor live a life of a labor again?

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Phalguni Sharma