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'Why Should I leave the show', Adaa Khan clarifies rumor on quitting...

Adaa Khan puts the lid on the rumors...


Adaa Khan who is currently seen in Colors Vish Ya Amrit Sitara' was recently in news about her 'exit' from the show.

Not only that there was news that the makers are planning to replace Adaa with another actress in order to spice up things. It was alleged that Sitara's character would be shown going into coma. Her fans were shocked when the reports of Adaa getting replaced hit the internet.

Adaa Khan rubbished all the rumour and told us,"Why I should leave the show. I am very much part of the show and shooting. In fact we also cut the cake for 100 episodes."

Well, fans of Adaa can be at peace now as she herself has dismissed off the rumors and is very much part of the show!

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anu rulz
anu rulz 2015-05-08T23:37:27Z If this hit and run had been committed by anybody of sum other profession, Mr. Aamir Khan wud have been tearing tht person apart on his "social " show, the other "celebrated" directors and actors wud have been shedding fake tears and commenting the the situaion (while fans on IF wud have been tagging their favourites in the article, not to mention)..this just uncovers the hypocrisy and inhumane attitude of the film fraternity towards the general public..all have big bhashans to give wen its abt other people, but the moment ot involves one of ur own, blame the victim..its pathetic how we have actually stooped from "she got raped coz she was out at night" to "they got killed coz they were sleeping on the pavement"..seriously?? Everytime i feel we as a nation cannot get more blindsighted, sumthn proves me wrong..every single time!! This man not only drove over human beings in an intoxicated manner, without as much as a driving licence, then abandoned the victims by leaving the spot, dint care to call for medical or legal help and now responsible for his driver taking the blame and committing perjury..and dont even get me started on the ravindra patil saga of inhumanity..and his excuse for a human is being touted as the saviour of the film fraternity..shows the pathetic standards of the industry if this is the high point..
kittu93 2015-05-08T22:22:23Z omg rally... WARNING : walk at ur own risk on foothpath on 10 may Dead...plzz dont walk on the footpath or rather stay at home... kyunki agar kisiko bhi inki gadi ne thoka or agar kisiko bhi chot i toh it will be ur fault coz u were walking on footpath Dead
manikka 2015-05-08T20:33:24Z these b-wood people's will ofcourse do rally..whynot when salman khan is a hen giving them Golden eggs...all mindless people's he is a bloody murderer..and ofcourse you all won't understand tht because tht person dead was not your family, those alive victims were not your family...i hope Bombay HC will increase his imprisonment after the trial m ashamed of being an indian... a person with name and fame can easily buy the judiciary system here...and they are saying what carp of "being human"..a star accused of killing rare spcies animal, abusing and beating his girlfriend, drunk and drive and killing a homeless examples of "being human"...Bwood must b pleading salman to tutoring their star kids about how to avoid law, doing illegal things...
Sanjana92 2015-05-08T17:35:03Z Killer is a killer. In short, your fan is a murderer who deserves to spend the rest of his life behind bars for KILLING a man. End of story.
MrDarcyfan 2015-05-08T16:24:35Z Wow! This really takes the cake! Just when you think people cant sink any lower in their worship of a spoilt brat celebrity! I dont think anywhere in the World, I have heard of fans having a "rally" in support of an actor who killed and injured people while "drunk driving" and then fled the scene and tried to blame his driver, took revenge from bodyguard who told the truth, and then wasted the court's time for 13 years and walked scott free!
This is not just a shameful day for Indian judiciary, but for Indian people at large as well! Thankfully India still has a lot of people who have a conscience! There is a limit to worshiping unworthy people! This man is a callous and irresponsible person who "ran" after running over people! He should not be celebrated, but thrown in jail! To this day, he has not paid a cent to the victims of his Crime! Some "Being Human!" What a hypocrite! If you did the "crime", do the "Time". To think I used to "Like" this person. I feel ashamed of myself! You have proven Salman, that you are only a "Fake Hero" in your movies. You have no heroism in you. That is why you refuse to take ANY punishment for your crime of killing someone! Shame on you, and shame on the people who "rally" in your favor like you won some War! Not avoided Justice!2015-05-08 19:49:34
pallavi25 2015-05-08T14:17:31Z Stand with Salman Khan, dont stand in front of his car, he may run you over and prove how wrong you are to support him!
AnushaGK 2015-05-08T12:49:16Z Rally?seriously!!! If these ppl are going to rally by car then plz plz dnt hit the people with car else you have to STAND WITH SALMAN KHAN in reality
mark-mayur 2015-05-08T11:49:10Z Love u salamn mri jaan ..jalny walo ka muu kala dykho dykho kysy pharak rahy hain ap ki hetrs hahahahaha i m so enjing to reds theri comments ..bichry phar phara rahy hain ...bazzz offf ..Allah asy hi muu kala karta h jelous hony walo ka ..
pwincess kanzi
pwincess kanzi 2015-05-08T09:58:18Z Such disappointment from India! What a bad example by everyone! Soo you can run over someone who was on footpath and KILL them in drunken state, but heyy it's Salman Khan who is "being human" and "great" so it's forgivable! What rubbish! Soo disappointing! Footpath is definately not to drive cars on! This is injustice to the poor homeless people! No care or consideration is there towards them!
Bon_Vivant 2015-05-08T09:14:04Z Pagalpan ki bhi hadd hoti hai.ab yehi dkh na baki rehe geya tha
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