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Why Rekha ignored Puneet Issar in the Bigg Boss house?

Rekha ignored Puneet Issar when she had come on this weekend due to the old tiff between them.

Published: Monday,Oct 13, 2014 20:04 PM GMT-06:00
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In the weekend episodes of Bigg Boss 8 on Colors, ravishing Rekha was seen on the sets to promote her upcoming film Super Nani. She shared her and Salman's old memories, had a great fun with contestants and more. There was a competition 'Mai bhi Rekha' where Sushant Divgikar won the task and Rekha gave her Saari as a gift when she went inside the house to meet the contestants personally.

There was a lovely moment and all in all it was a fun filling episode. But there was something which caught our attention. Puneet Issar and Rekha were not seen getting along with each other. Whille talking to the contestant through ME TV, Rekha was seen giving blessings and good wishes to the contestants, but was seen a bit rude with Puneet Issar. Even when she went inside the house and all other contestants were hugging her, Puneet stayed away and both of them preferred to maintain a distance from each other.

Well what was the reason behind this ignorance, though they have worked together and known each other from quite a long time?

Here is the answer.

Lets go in the flash back when Puneet Issar was shooting with Amitabh Bachchan for the film Coolie and while shooting a fighting sequence, Big B was badly injured that it took a toll on his life. This is the reason why Rekha today is still annoyed with Puneet and has not forgiven him for his mistake which turned into an accident. Rekha and Amitabh share a great bond and that is the reason she has not been able to forgive the person who caused injury to him.

Well that shows how there actors are bonded with each other.

To know more keep reading the space.

Neha Jain

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Tuba_KSG 8 years ago oh c'mmon ! it is kind of -i don't know- Unbelievable .. u would pick anything n make Article out of it ..
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purvim 8 years ago that is really rong. rekha ko puneet ko maaf kar dena chahiye. agar is prakaran mein sabse bura lagna chahiye to woh jayaji thi lekin jayaji ne khud puneet ko kaha tha yeh accident mein puneet ka koi haath nahi tha. yeh hadsa hona tha so ho gaya. isi lye rekha ka koi haq nahi banta ki woh puneetji ka apmaan karein.
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cynthia32 8 years ago Sounds like a fake article to me. I doubt an accident that happened years ago would be the cause.
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TeriMaaKiAankh 8 years ago Honestly get over it. It has been like 30 years.
Big B never mentioned so why is she still cribbing about it
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atominis 8 years ago @Arushi

Read Rekha's history. Amitabh did not keep her hanging. She had many affairs before he came in her life and many affairs later plus 3 failed marriages. It is she who obsessively clings to Bachchan name despite being someone else's widow! Only woman is not always the innocent one. Not someone like Rekha who is couple with her secretary Farzana too and makes her dress up like a man for her!
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k.atrina75 8 years ago come on what crap... i am not a very great admirer of either of the people in question but still this is crap..
isnt Rekha herself a very big actress and puneet has been a known face as well..
cant they both have some kind of disagreement or arguement among themselves while they worked together..
why drag AB's name in between..
these two actors have been in the industry since long and have worked together.. they might have their own differences..
and i dont think Rekha can be so superficial to take an accident so seriously let alone the fact that AB is a happily married man with his own life and family...
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ARUSHI_IPKKND 8 years ago Hy hey hey..
All the halla-bulla as always against the woman.. what abt the man in question? Why do we call her a hypocrite and add a suffix of respect 'JI' for him..!!!
Even I agree she did not behave well but I still feel bad that she was kept hanging by the so-called love of her life.. I wish she'd moved on long ago..
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Praves 8 years ago Shameless indeed!!! Does she think she is Mrs. Amitabh Bacchan??? Sindoor and all... :0
Whatever happened years ago, an accident is an accident!!! ://2014-10-14 10:50:03
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aditiyuvi 8 years ago the accident that Amitji had was an accident. This Amitji himself confirmed.So I dont understand why rekha is still upset with puneetji. She is a big hypocrite. She lied that she is unmarried.
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sai1985 8 years ago I think there something else n not these reason.
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