Who's out of DID L'il Masters this week?

This week’s elimination leaves Jai Kumar Nair with just one contestant on Zee TV’s DID L’il Master....

Zee TV's, DID L'il Masters is getting impulsive with every passing week and this week's eviction just bid adieu to a very tough contender of the show that left the judges and skippers with shocking as well as surprising expressions.

A Little Birdie informed us that, "This week Jai Kumar Nair lost his tough contender Papiya which leaves the Jhatang Fatang team with just one contestant for this season. Also Atul was announced as the highest vote gainer and broke Jeetumoni's record." 

Our source also informed us that, " After Remo and Geeta this week Terence came up as the guest judge this week and awarded Manoj as the best performer and Mayuresh and Vrushali turned to be skipper of the week."

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Pooja Shenoy

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Comments (16)

this is crap...papiya eliminated at this stage? aww so glad terrence came...looking forward to watch it

13 years ago

manoj really performed bad last week. he should gone home.

13 years ago

Papiya is such a wonderful dacer...
happy 4 atul...
Terence is back...hmm...

13 years ago

This is not a real competition...it is a drama.....

13 years ago

Awww poor Papiya :(

I think it should have been Manoj

13 years ago

They say its public voting but how can If say it tht whos eliminating this week so early this is crap thy say its public but if it was public manj shd hav been ut long before..Instead of avneet been such a good dancer

13 years ago

can't believe papiya is out while manoj is getting lots of complaints on his performance!!!!!

13 years ago

really its shocking.......................how can papiya be eliminated.!!!!!
feeling very bad for jai :( :(

papiya is a superb dancer......and i will miss her..

13 years ago

Manoj in spite of performing badly for many weeks is still safe, while Papiya who is such a good dancer is out ? UNBELIEVABLE !

13 years ago

You're kidding me! This whole thing is pissing me off. The best dancers are getting out. Well glad about Atul! At least that.

Nice to know Mayuresh and Vrushali are coming up with mind blowing choreography.

Somewhere, something is hinting that Jai's going to win this. There could be no other reason for eliminating Papiya. Then, am glad really! :)

13 years ago

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