When this actress got her REAL son to meet her REEL son, Ssharad Malhotra

If that has confused you a bit, don't worry, we will clear things...


Actor Ssharad Malhotra recently got all his fans to be really happy and excited as he went on to announce that he has found his life partner and that he will be getting married in the month of April. After a few relationships in the past, Ssharad is finally taking the big leap and just like him, the fans are excited too.

The actor is currently seen in Star Bharat's Muskaan, where he plays the role of Rumeer and is loved by one and all. And one of his co-stars is Moon Banerjee, who is otherwise best known for her role in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. Ssharad plays Moon's on-screen son and there was a sweet moment that happened on the sets recently when Moon got her real-life son to meet her reel life son.

Moon's son, Raunak visited the sets and she made her meet Ssharad. What followed is a sweet image and some fun times-

As you can see, he also met the rest of the cast and it was all smiles.

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ALUJNA21 2019-03-11T07:30:51Z I-F get the facts right Raunak is the screen name of Sharad Malhotra in Muskaan and may be Rumeer is the name of the little boy.
meghzzzz 2015-04-13T02:42:54Z i hope this news turn out to b true...
*fingers crossed*
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