When the leads of a show CHEATED a LIPLOCK on-screen..!!

What was shown as a kiss wasn't actually one..

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While on one hand, we have seen Indian television pushing the bars in recent times when it comes to portraying intimate scenes, it seems that isn't the case at every instance.
Popular shows like 'Bade Acche Lagte Hai' and 'Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan' which doesn't just have a niche audience, but also a mass appeal, have been portraying liplocks between the lead actors. However, it seems the concept is still 'taboo' for some.

According to a leading news portal, recently, the actors of And TV's show, 'Tere Bin', Gaurav Khanna and Shefali Sharma were required to shoot a kissing scene for the upcoming track. However, that did not go as expected.

Both the leads were uncomfortable with the idea of kissing on-screen, as Shefali is a married woman in her real life and incidentally, Gaurav, too, is going to get married soon.

Gaurav mentioned that both, Shefali and himself were not comfortable doing the liplock and hence they had to go ahead with a 'cheat' shot. He reiterated the fact that though he belongs to a modern family, he does feel that television audience is still not ready to witness such intimacy on-screen.

He said that in India, the whole family, including kids watch television and he understands how uncomfortable it can get. He concluded by saying that there is nothing wrong with kissing but the cheat shot looks as good as real.

On similar note, Shefali mentioned that she is not open to such on-screen intimacy as she is a married woman in real life and is answerable to her family. She mentioned about her reservations to the crew and hence they went ahead with a cheat shot.

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manan are best..parth samthaan is the best.

7 years ago

Good job, Gaurav!!! ;) Love and admire you as usual...

7 years ago

Luv Manan.. kaisi yeh yaariaan <3

7 years ago

MaNanholic humesha, forever, till stars shine and fireflies exist.

7 years ago

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan is the best show of all generations. Humesha.
Love Fab 5
Love Cabira
Love Nandini Murthy
Love Manik Malhotra
Love MaNan
Love Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan

7 years ago

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