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'When Nawaz Needed Me Financially and for his Physical Needs He would come to Me': Aaliya Siddiqui Reveals it All in an Open Letter

Aaliya Siddiqui Reveals thealiya Truth Behind Divorcing Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Shares an Open Letter for people


Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Wife Aaliya Siddiqui has now revealed everything, the way she was being treated by her own husband, the bitter truth about her married life and a lot more. Sharing the reason behind taking this step of writing an open letter and revealing the private details of her personal life, she shared that a lot of people have been accusing her of "doing the divorce drama and falsely accusing the Siddiqui family to defraud them of their money" and hence she felt the need to bring out the truth publicly.

Aaliya's Open Letter Reads:

"For all those who think that I am divorcing my Husband "for money"should know this.... 

THAT BECAUSE OF PURE AND TRUE LOVE I got married to a man who had absolutely no rnoney, no security, no known future AND whom I had to "instead" financially support, by selling my own personal assets.

That even when rny Husband became financially secured after 2012, I did not ask for any property in rny personal name and never demanded any financial security - because of which my Husband freely bought innumerable properties being large portions of lands at various places, bungalow in Mumbai, Out-Houses near the outskirts of Mumbai, expensive properties in Dubai and India and expensive vehicles all in h. own personal name. Besides, he also bought innumerable properties in different parts of India the name of his family members without any interference from my side.

That whilst all this was happening, I continued to stay on rent in a small flat in yen. Road till 2016 "until I realized that my own children do not have a permanent shelter on their own head" and therefore I should at least think for thern.

Accordingly I requested my husband to buy a small two-bedroom house for me and him thinking that he would stay with gte_and_gur,bAstran, as a loving father and Husband. The said house is still on loan and is standing in my husband and my name.

However, my dreams were shattered when I realized that my Husband is no more "the simple person" whom I had immensely loved Tore than myself, for whom I gave away my own personal identity and name besides giving up my friends, my beliefs, my faith and my religion like most women do after marriage treating their Husbands as Gods and praying for them with all their heart.

I have realized that my Husband is a different person now and thinks big and luxurious, and therefore I do not fit into his image or thoughts. I have now fully come to terms with the bitter truth that he wants to stay separately in a Bungalow, which he has bought for himself.

Having belatedly realized that he does not want to look at the past AND have also digested the fact that he does not care for me OR for his children, I therefore consulted my family and friends (whom I had once desetted) and finally decided to move on. I have now fully realized the bitter truth that I was only a stepping-stone and a financial provider (who was meant to be used, misused and abused) only during such times when my Husband needed me financially and for his physical needs.

No wonder my said husband barely stayed with me as a Husband after becoming a Star; and therefore even never introduced me to his circles, nor did his take me to any of his parties. He never considered me worthy enough to hold the position of a wife and therefore did not even feel protective when I was physically abused by his own brother Shamas Siddiqui.", against whom I have made a serious criminal complaint by submitting enough evidences. I have audio proofs of almost everything now and will not shy away from putting it up on public platforms, as I have nothing more to loose in this relationship."

"Whilst, I am now in the process of approaching the Courts to exercise rny legal rights and to protect the rights of rny children, I know for sure that my husband will use all his power, might and position besides using other tactics to influence people, to do PR activity to divert attention and to save his image and reputation; and to also save the image of his brother OgyggyStddtg,gta who is already accused of serious criminal charges. 

It has already been noticed by everyone that "even earlier" in the CDR matter (which concemed me personally), my statement was strangely never even recorded by the Police, nor according to my knowledge Slam. SAdiqui (the main accused) OR my husband ever recorded their statements with the Pofice, despite being served a nofice to them by Senior Inspector MO 1.t.KE, who was working under the instructions of DCP Abitistels, liAtukjie,  

I have now surprisingly learnt that the Police have ',ince long' closed their investigation in my CDR rnatter without even recording my statements and had instead arrested someone else, to make him look guilty before the public and divert media attention and thus protect the main accused being my Husband and ,Slacct.  

All this activities were done despite the fact that the person arrested was not even concerned with  the matter and was instead trying to help rne..a,...1,..b.angt.k.iesp00niates,foLthe,ake_ojs_u, obddosn  

It is also shocking that the same DCP Mr. 6,0,11,ske01000_ufft of whom atiam.a.s, 510.1 needs to be scared of because of CDR rnatter, is now listening to the 'Money recovery matter which my husband and at.iys am." have fabricated against me, even though I have openly admitted that I had asked my husband "for a loan" to release my film and which I undertake to repay my husband without dealing with his Manager ata.., ai,claigui, who has fabricated accounts for personal reasons. 

My husband and Sid,,aquj have always bragged of their Police connections and political clout and I can already see that my serious matter concerning sexual harassrnent, which has been submitted with all proofs both to the Senior Inspector y_er,sp.y.a Police Station under Section 154 Crpg. and to the DCP under Section 154(3) has not moved further since almost three weeks - despite the fact that under Section 166A IPC the Police have be punished if they fail to take cognizance of a complaint made to thern under 354, 509 etc. We can see that the Police are even risking their own positions in this rnatter. 

As all of you can see that I arn already facing a lot of traurna and inconvenience, still I arn determined to stand by TRUTH and am willing to face all hurdles in this battle both in Court and outside it. 

I feel the pain of all wives who have been used, misused, abused and deserted by their husbands and I arn deriving all my strength from such wives to fight this battle without any influence and support and without proper means or money to fight a long drawn litigation battle. 

Yet I am fully confident that as I have truth and God by my side, therefore I have full faith that I will always win on all fro.. "


Nawazuddin Siddiqui

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