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When Ajay Devgan 'Quit' Smoking for a day...

Rock N Roll Family on Zee, starts with a bang as actor cum judge, Ajay Devgan took a pledge not to smoke for one full day.. Wondering what the reason was? Catch the details here..

Published: Wednesday,Mar 12, 2008 14:41 PM GMT-06:00
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When Ajay Devgan Quit Smoking for a day...
As the unique dance reality show spanning 3 generations, Rock N Roll Family kicks-off this weekend, Ajay Devgan, one of the Jury members for the contest took a silent oath of not touching his cigarette pack for one full day! So what caused this sudden change in the actor?

Well, the credit goes to one participating family, the Jain Family comprising of Rohit and Tanvi Jain who have come down all the way from Ghaziabad! It so happened that the family performed on the very happening theme – ‘Smoking is Injurious to Health’, and spread across the message so very nicely that Ajay Devgan was very much impressed and decided to stay away from cigarettes, well not forever, but for  just ‘one’ day, as a mark of respect for their performance.

Payaol Patel, Creative Head confirms the incident as she says, “Yes it is true. The family from Ghaziabad danced on the song, ‘Beedi Jalaile’ from the film Omkara, and the song was choreographed in such a way that it upheld the message that ‘Smoking is Injurious to health’. The very innovative theme and the very gripping performance by the family touched Ajay and he decided not to smoke for the whole day. He did not make an announcement as such, so we did not know anything to begin with. Later, when we saw Ajay staying away from his usual habit of puffing a cigarette after each shoot, we realized that he had taken a silent oath.”

This gesture of Ajay, even if it was just for a day, came as a surprise for wife Kajol and her mom Tanuja, as the family had achieved what Kajol had not been able to do for the past so many years. Says Payaol Patel, “They both were very surprised by the decision that Ajay took, but the bubbly Kajol managed a laughter when she heard of this”.

We just hope the actor’s silent oath of not taking to cigarettes lasts forever!!

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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payel @karan_nandni 15 years ago thanks...i wating for his movie u me and hum
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rouble_lover @rouble_lover 15 years ago I wish all smokers wld quit smoking FOREVERRRRR!!!! wish they realized how significantly smoking affects them! and the people around them!!!! i'm soo glad he quit smoking for a day..thats an improvement...and its good to know that Kajol is tryn to get him to quit smoking..I wish he'd quit forverrr....
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desigrl27 @desigrl27 15 years ago thats impressive...i dont smoke, but im sure its pretty hard to even go a day without smoking if your addicted...good luck
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Megha @.:Megha:. 15 years ago Have to watch the show soon
That's great news, but I hope he quits forever, because it's not good
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Rita Shah
Rita Shah @Rita Shah 15 years ago Great move Ajay. Do this more often and hopefully you will be able to do it for life. God Bless you. We need yo to stick around for longer so for that try to quit for life not for one day. but gerat start. keep up
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~*puja*~ @~*puja*~ 15 years ago Good for him... now he should do it forever... but like that the dance had a theme to it!
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madhyha @madhy 15 years ago omgg wen did it start..i wanna watch dis show
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mesmerized @mesmerized 15 years ago awww

well hope it works out for him

thxs for sharing
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