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What made Honey Singh reject a 5 Crore offer?

When Yo Yo Honey Singh was offered 5 Crore...


Very few know what Honey Singh went through when he was suffering from bipolarity and this is the sole reason he was unable to focus on his work.

If reports are to be believed, when the singer was going through this particular phase, there were several event organisers who were approaching him with a whooping figure of 5 Crore to perform and sing at one of their shows.

However, it was impossible for him to be a part of their event following his illness. Only his family and his manager Bobby knew what he was going through and they had a difficult time in juggling all these requests.

There were various event and show organisers who were very keen to have him on the show. Also, his fan base had expressed how badly they wanted to attend his concerts and so the organisers couldn't help but try and get the availability of the singing sensation.

This particular period was very sensitive for Honey Singh as he was struggling between life and death and so irrespective of the whooping amount that he was being offered continuously, he had to turn them all down!

When contacted, the spokesperson confirmed the news.
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