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What is your Dialer Tune..?.

Hello Tunes/Caller/Dialer Tune is a tune/song that plays when you call someone! Our Tellywood stars are also bitten by this latest trend and here is their thoughts on caller tunes...

Published: Sunday,Jul 27, 2008 10:40 AM GMT-06:00
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Technology keeps on changing on a daily basis; a mobile phone has now become an essential accessory of communication! Along with it, the trend of Dialer/Caller tune has hit hard as well. People love to change their Dialer tune as soon as a popular song hits the screen. From "Dard-e-disco" to.."kwaja mer kwaja." devotional songs, choices are many!

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But what is the purpose? What pleasure do people derive by setting up a song for their callers to listen to, which yourself won’t be able to hear? The only plausible reason for this service could be that the phone companies can rake in all the moolah by providing a "useless" service to its customers! So what do you prefer listening to - an age old "tring tring" or some hit numbers from a Bollywood movie??
Let’s ask few stars, and hear what Hello tune they are having. And why.. Divyanka Tripathi:
Which Dialer tune your phone is having right now?
The caller tune I am having right now is the music piece of Saathiya which is in Sanskrit. It is a very nice musical piece.

Why this particular tune?
I love the way it is sung. It feels good whenever we listen to this song. I want my caller tune to be different and I think that a caller tune portrays one's personality. I always prefer soft songs.

Why do we compel callers to hear songs of our choice?
I am not forcing anyone to listen to my song, rather I am letting that person to know me. I have kept this song because people should know me, although I am glamorous but at the same time very soft .

Which Dialer tune your phone is having right now?
The person whom you are trying to urgently reach is having a tender coconut standing on a beach....

Why this particular tune?
It's quite refreshing and entertaining. I think till the time I don't pick up my phone, the caller will be enthralled with some refreshing tender coconut water too!!

Why do we compel callers to hear songs of our choice ?
It is a very interesting question. Actually I have read it some where that the caller tune shows the nature of the person. It describes how the person is!

Which Dialer tune your phone is having right now?
I just want to spend my life with you now....

Why this particular tune?
Its one of my favorite songs, I always prefer keeping songs from my favorite list rather than the latest version.

Why do we compel callers to hear songs of our choice ?
Its not like we are forcing some one to listen the song. 75 percent of people keep this song and if people keep a nice song it will be nice to hear also, and I don't think that I have a very bad choice.
Yasir Shah:
Which Dialer tune your phone is having right now?
It's a song from Singh is King..

Why this particular tune?
This particular tune is very hip-hop and energetic, and I love such exciting songs.

Why do we compel callers to hear songs of our choice?
The song I have kept is very bubbly and nice, at least I give a peppy feel to the callers till the time I take my call!!
Vishal Singh:
Which Dialer tune your phone is having right now?
The title song of 'Rock On'...

Why this particular tune?
It is because Prachi is my good friend and by keeping this caller tune, I am just promoting her movie.

Why do we compel callers to hear songs of our choice ?
Because its is my phone and secondly this is where I can use my power and make people listen to what I like!! (laughs)

Concept: Nishtha
Reporter: Binita Ramchandani, Ranjini Nair
Author: Nishtha
Banner Credit : Zinu29

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DivyaD 14 years ago Cool answers ... The piece that Divs is talking about is my fave too... =)
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tsfme 14 years ago Vishal is hilarious..promotin Prachi..Cell power..lolz
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k-ekta fan
k-ekta fan 14 years ago thx 4 d artcile.
ok so caller tune define ppl nature...

awe. vishal is so funny.. he hve power only on cell. hehehe.. awe prachi si her frndz gr8
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divyankat 14 years ago AWW cute sone divz.. it feels gd whenever WE listen to this song
who is the WE..haha
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radhika_21 14 years ago i didnt know prachi was vishal's friend!
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..-Zaara-.. 14 years ago im abot to put my ringtone to sing is king if thatz wht yasir has luv ya yasir u rock
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-Nina- 14 years ago Wow divz nice tune
Vishal : anly good friends ????????????????
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Rhimjhimsawan 14 years ago vishal and prachi are friends??? didn't know that one!

Lol faisal's one is funny
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Priya_SD 14 years ago oh really divz has saathiya tune???
lol vishal's answers were funny
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talkativetaurus 14 years ago vishals answer was good one n he has some good purpose .... hmm ...
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