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Manish Raisinghania speaks to TellyBuzz on What If.... he was not an actor...

We have seen the elegant businessman in Manish Raisinghania as Rahul in Star One's Rang Badalti Odhani. But that was one memorable role that he portrayed.

But what would have Manish been if not an actor? Have we ever thought about it?

Manish spoke about this to TellyBuzz's What If…

What If…. with Manish Raisinghania

"I would have been an engineer had I not become an actor and I was working as well before I got into acting.

I completed my Mechanical Engineering from D Y Patil College of Engineering, Pune and after that I was working with an American Company called Owens Corning India Ltd in Mumbai. But how much ever you earn as an engineer being an actor was always a pleasure. So when I told this to my parents, they trusted me and my grounded nature after which they finally agreed to it even after a lot of reluctance.

But in future I do not think I can go back to Mechanical Engineering because today electronics and gadgets get me high. I love developing software and today it is software technology that interests me now. I am a gizmo and a phone freak. I bought the latest Samsung Galaxy S II series. I also have a Blackberry Torch and now I am waiting for iPhone 5. I also like to get into property and real estate business."

Author: Saranya Valsarajan


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upra 8 years ago So glad you chose acting vs bing an engineer :)
jyothi1989 9 years ago wowww manish a mech engg same pinch dear me one too .nice to know abt him
WooHooHaha21 9 years ago Wow! Intelligent? =D That is great Manish! Loved him in RBO! He's a great human being! Goodluck for future Manish! =)
fantasy_evil96 9 years ago haha interesting, such a gadget freak huh. but i'm glad he chose to be an actor than an engineer.
aish_punk 9 years ago oh, thats interesting! never knew that about him :)
-Manita- 9 years ago Manish is a completely down to earth and a charming personality...wish him the best in future !!
.Vrish. 9 years ago I liked him in Rakt Sambandh opposite Gungun Uprari - too bad they didn't give enough attention to that jodi
Shaina_b 9 years ago I liked Rahul and Sam's pair!!!!!

Post that I quit watching!!!!!

purvi08 9 years ago wow
liked you as rahul
all the best
-Manita- 9 years ago Wow...I never knew that he has done Mechanical Engineering !! Loved his answers and that he is gadget freak !!
For his grounded nature, that is one thing that will take him places !!
Wish you the best Manish :)))
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