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What If...

Gaurav Khanna aka Prem of Zee Tv's Dil Se Diya Vachan speaks for Telly Buzz's What If..... this week

Recently we came to know that there is an artist in Gaurav Khanna and when Telly Buzz asked whether he would have been an artist if not an actor, here is what he says.

What If...

I would have been either a businessman or an artist had I not been an actor.

After I completed my MBA and before I entered into acting I was working as a Marketing Manager for an IT firm in Mumbai. Acting happened unexpectedly when I was spotted in a gym and was called for an audition.

 When entertainment came on my way, I put that across to my dad and asked him a time of six months and when he granted me those six months I never knew that it would turn to six years. Had I not become successful in my acting venture, I would have returned to my earlier job.

Today I guess my parents are happy when people around them tell them that they saw their son on television.  

In one way I am glad that I completed my education before I entered the industry because whatever you say, it values a lot. Indeed I was planning to go abroad also if I had not been successful.

In future, I might put up an exhibition of my paintings. Since I have not sold even one I do not know if I will be able to do it in future. They are my priced possessions.

To the people who are aspiring to enter in the industry, I would like to say that please complete your education and then you can do whatever you want. The industry is an unpredictable one and can turn you upside down anytime.

By Saranya Valsarajan


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aparna523 9 years ago hi Gaurav missing u a lot .Please come back soon with a new show
Praves 9 years ago Missing u a lot, Gaurav. Please come back with a new daily show as soon as u r done with 'Jeele..'
A big hug & loads of love.. U r the best!! ;))2011-07-31 15:23:21
GauravsDbest 9 years ago Yayyy wa itching for days to comment here...heehee...thanks u so much GK:)!!!
springs 9 years ago Good advice & nice interview. Looking forward to seeing you on a new show soon
GauravsDbest 9 years ago Aur kitne din door rahogey...come back u...miss u sooo much
Praves 9 years ago Same here Shreys... dreaming of that day too...Miss u more n more Gaurav... luv u loads...2011-06-08 13:39:53
GauravsDbest 9 years ago When will we finally read a TB article called 'Gaurav Khanna in a new show'...every morning i switch on my computer in that u and miss u, Gaurav...
Praves 9 years ago Missing u a lot Gaurav :(( Please come back asap... Luv u loads...2011-06-08 09:59:09
GauravsDbest 9 years ago Love u a lot Gaurav...ur being missed...come back soon...u deserve to be at the top...
Praves 9 years ago Please let us know about your forthcoming projects, Gaurav!!
Anyway, all the best... luv u...2011-06-06 14:36:45
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