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What If.......

This week Pooja Gor of Star Plus' Pratigya shares her alternate career ideas with TellyBuzz...

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Pooja Gor is today synonymous to Pratigya, the show with which she is idolized as a woman of today. But was acting always in her mind?

Well, while reading this you will come to know that it was not acting but something else that she would have done if not an actor.

What If…

"Good bankers, like good tea, can only be appreciated when they are in hot water".

Banking is indeed a profession where you can earn a handful and also enjoy the living with all the benefits and a secure future. But at the same time there are tensions too as money is all that matters in a bank.

Pooja Gor would have probably been a Branch Manager of Axis Bank in Ahmedabad, if she had not got into the groove of acting..

Why so much precision? Read further!!!

Pooja Gor elucidates…

"I would have been a Branch Manager in Axis Bank if I was not an actor and this is a story that most of the people are aware of."

"When I was in school I used to go this bank near my house to get the transactions done and to get the cheque updated as there were no ATM cards then. The bank was near my house and there were a lot of my parents' friends working there."

"Whenever I went to the bank, there was a particular cabin where I always peeped into. The cabin was of a woman who wore great business attire and had a laptop with her. I saw that people went into her cabin and addressed her 'Maam' and asked for her signatures in cheques and documents. Outside the cabin was written Branch Manager".   

"I was so impressed the way she carried herself and decided that I will definitely become a Branch Manager. I liked the fact that I could be in a classy cabin, own a laptop with people calling me madam, and to top it all, I would get an opportunity to wear sophisticated business attire".

"When I had to choose my subjects for my college, I chose Commerce because science was one subject I did not like as I believed it was tough. I did not want to take arts because it had psychology and sociology for which I will have to read thro' big books. Hence I took up commerce foreseeing my future as a branch manager. But then I couldn't complete my graduation because of my work, but I will one day".

"Even though I am an actor today, I still want to be a Branch Manager of a Bank in the future"...

"Today I have three accounts in Axis Bank and would love to play such a character in the industry if given a chance".

Wow!! That's a unique expectation indeed!!

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan

Pooja Gor Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya  Star Plus 

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raspberrytorte 9 years ago Banking, hmm sounds cool but we luv u as Pratigya :D
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Faiza. 10 years ago love you pooooooooooooooooooja. keep smiling
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Filza. 10 years ago you are doing an awesome job in Pratigya!! love you. Good luck!
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ritamukund 10 years ago The look she cary's in Pratigya she looks much more matured than her age. But ONE BIG BIG ADVISE TO YOU IS DEAR NO MATTER WHAT DO FINISH YOUR STUDY. ACTING IS A ONE THING BUT STUDY WILL BE WITH YOU TILL END OF YOUR DAYS ON THIS EARTH.2011-02-23 09:35:43
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Alwayshopeful 10 years ago Thanks for the article!! I wish and pray that all your wishes and desires come true....Good luck for SPA 2011
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harvitha 10 years ago thats unique from what i usually read about celebrities... thats a good one!!!!
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saraaa. 10 years ago I think she should have honestly sticked to being a branch manager rather than acting ... She lacks expressions and emotions .. Well I dunno if she's improved now as I don't keep up with Pratigya
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Filza. 10 years ago you rock Pooja. love you
good luck for your future!
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shrutisinha 10 years ago HIIIIIIIIII LIKE U DEAR ME TO ALL BANK MANAGER LOVEUUUUUUUUUU DEAR all the best for SPA i wait for u r performace dear best in all field i miss any thing of becz i love form my bottom of my heart pooja god bless u
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vishp 10 years ago want to be Bank Manager!...wish all your dreams come true..All the best for SPA2011..looking forward to your performance..
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