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Drashti Dhami speaks of the profession she would have been in, if she was not an actor..

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What if your favorite celebrities speak to you on their likes and dislikes?

Surprised? Don't be, because Tellybuzz brings to you a newly reformed Sunday Retreat which is indeed a treat for the viewers. A new column wherein actors share their views and opinions of various topics under the sun.

And today we thought to kick start with the most popular actor in the television industry, and it is none other than the beautiful and the vivacious Drashti Dhami.

Today we are stuck in second gear with what we are doing and have no time to even think of what we could have been if not this. Well, if I was not a writer I would probably be a dancer or choreographer.

What If…..

Mark Twain made one of his famous remark 'Clothes make the man.  Naked people have little or no influence on society' and it is always read that first impression is the best impression and the impression is first decided by the clothes you wear.

Clothes are the eye candy of any occasion and they deserve to be the prominent aspect that helps one determine the personality and choice of a man.

Earlier clothes were just a matter of cover up for the body but today, it is a style and a status symbol of any man and woman. Being a designer and stylist is no less than being an artist as it has a lot of creativity and innovativeness.

Drashti Dhami popularly recognized as Geet of Star One's Geet Hui Sabse Parayi would like to associate her as a stylist or a designer if not an actor.

Here's it from the horse's mouth!!!

Drashti Dhami all for you:

If not an actor I would probably be doing anything related to clothing and would mostly be a designer with my own Boutique. More over the dresses, I feel that it is the comfort that we feel in an outfit that matters the most and that's exactly what I felt when I started doing Geet. Initially the costume was uncomfortable for me, but today I am accustomed. I am completely a modern outfit person because of which I can hardly relate myself to the apparel on television even after being in it. Television demands more loud and heavy attires which are diametrically opposite to my taste of garments. My favorite color is white, completely obsessed with it, and I love to see myself dressed in a white dress accompanying bright shoes and bags or in a jump suit.

Rather than the mix and match, I feel that people should go for solid colors or a mix depending on the colors. Frankly speaking, I never shop from India because most of the times I am on board and I like shopping in Dubai, US or even London at times. But today I hardly get time to shop though.

My favorite designer is Sabyasachi, but since the designer wears are really expensive, I prefer to keep away from it as much as possible. Forever 21 brand clothes are one of my favorites but they have not yet arrived in India, apart from a small outlet in Delhi. But if it starts, I bet we will see people only in them. Among the Indian wears I love the way Vidya Balan dresses herself in Sarees, in spite of that not being my style of wears. The costumes in Fashion and Devil Wears a Prada are really great and they too include in the list of favorites.  

Today I am the fashion consultant of my cousin's two year old kid and nowadays I am one for most of the kids in my family. I do have a hand in shopping for weddings and other ceremonies of my friends and family.

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan

Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi  Star One 

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maanshi 3 years ago Drashti Dhami You are best and you are gorgeous

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vidiot 7 years ago As u said u love to shop does not seem in ur dressing that u have a good tast for clothing...
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ChannelizedWing 7 years ago Good afternoon Drashti Dhami, I want to see you on new heights of success, get lots of happiness and more popularity...
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Silent_Wings 7 years ago Drashti Dhami You are best and you are looking gorgeous in jdj promo pic
love u so much
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priyankasweet21 7 years ago Gud morning Drashti Dhami...u rock angel muhaaa...all d best...

Luv u dhak dhak dhami
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chavvi.prasad 7 years ago Drashti Dhami you are so so so
sweet love your sytle ,honest
nature and rocking shows love
you princess ... !!!!
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Silent_Wings 7 years ago Drashti Dhami I wish ur star always shine and everyday u climb on ladder of success
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ChannelizedWing 7 years ago Drashti Dhami u r d most
beautiful and charming gal I have ever seen ..
God Bless u dear ...
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Silent_Wings 7 years ago Drashti Dhami you are working so hard and i pray u get deserving success
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priyankasweet21 8 years ago Hey drashti...u hve d best knowledge f outfits...I luv each dresses in which u luk like a princess...luv u...keep rocking
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