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What did Aditya Roy Kapur do when he was Away from Bollywood?

Aditya Roy Kapur on Leaving B-town and being on a Sabbatical Break; Reveals what he did when he was away from Bollywood...


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Aditya Roy Kapur is currently gearing up for his upcoming film Malang where he will be seen alongside Disha Patani. The film's trailer and songs that were unveiled recently have been raising the curiosity levels among the audience. Also, Aditya and Disha's chemistry have been raising the temperatures leaving everyone asking for more.

Recently, while promoting the film during his interaction with the media, one reporter asked Aditya: "What was your mind-space while you were in your sabbatical and when your films were not working, for example Kalank also didn't work?"

To this, Aditya revealed: "The mind-space I was in..., I have never been able to bring myself to do something if I am not 100 percent convinced. It's not that things are not coming my way, it's just that I wasn't feeling excited to do it. And you have to give your 100 percent to anything you do, that's what is with films. And after a while, I honestly started making peace with the sabbatical, it wasn't a sabbatical I had planned like I am going to take time off, I am going to distant it, it's just that it became a sabbatical and after a while I stopped.

As an actor when you know you have something to prepare for, then there is always one switch inside you turned on because you know that's coming and you are always thinking about that somewhere to create that thing but once that was off I started exploring other parts of life, I started enjoying other things.

So, it was a growth process for me in a way that when I finally got on the set after a two year gap. That's unheard of! I had a two year gap and I was on the set and I was like 'Shit two years to the day actually, I got on the Kalank set... I was approaching acting differently. I was doing things differently than I was doing them earlier. I was feeling different in front of the camera.. Maybe because I changed, maybe because I had grown... and I found that I took it in my stride. I try and roll with the punches and that's what I did.

Last year was a lovely year for me. I don't know how it came and how it went. I shot three films and finished all three. It was a crazy busy year. So, it was like an anti-thesis to the sabbatical, it was like when it rains it pours and that's pretty much what it was. I thoroughly enjoyed that as well.

I think I have realized that, it's an unpredictable thing no one really knows what's gonna work and what's not gonna work, the point is to just keep working and I love being on the sets, that's the best part of this whole profession and that's the only things I am passionate about. And if I am not getting myself to do that then what am I doing?

I got a chance and I was also lucky enough to get an opportunity to work with Anurag Basu and Mahesh Bhatt, are things that you can't let go off. So the right things came my way. The stars aligned and I want to be more busy, I am happy that I am going to have three releases in a month."

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