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Wedding Time on Hum Dono Hai Alag Alag..

Grand wedding celebrations with a dramatic twist, starting 14th September, 10pm only on Star One~

Published: Thursday,Sep 10, 2009 18:44 PM GMT-06:00
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It's wedding galore on Hum Dono Hain Alag Alag! Star One is all up with josh and fervor to rejoice the two weddings in the Kothari Khandan!

Wedding Time on Hum Dono Hai Alag Alag..
With celebrations on in full swing, watch the drama unfolding, as the sons of the house Varun and Aditya are to tie the knot with Avantika and Mallika respectively, with the blessings and good wishes of their family and loved ones on 14th September, 10 pm only on Star One

Till now we have seen how the characters  met each other and fell in love. But as the big day approaches, they do not know that a twist of fate will change their perception about love and more importantly life. 

Varun is ecstatic thinking that Avantika has accepted him the way he is, while the latter is blissfully unaware of the reality. On the other hand, we have Aditya who is extremely eager to enter wedlock with his girlfriend, Mallika who is having second thought about her prospects after marriage in the Kothari family.

The ever sweet Rajshree however is nursing a broken heart over Aditya's marriage with Mallika, her only comfort being the fact that at least Aditya will be happy with the marriage. Little does she know that on Adi's D-day she is going to get what she'd been praying for her entire life! – Adi.

The Kothari family, blissfully unaware of the situations are overjoyed to get both their sons married at one go and are all ready for the celebrations to follow.

With extravagant sets, designer costumes, dhamaka music and absolute hungama, the excitement at the wedding is unbeatable! But while the family participates with supreme enthusiasm and delight, they will be introduced to an unexpected twist on their wedding day! While entering into the bond of matrimony, the two protagonists will have to face realities that will change their lives forever!  

And with the marriage, Star One unfurls yet another exciting chapter on Hum Dono Hain Alag Alag. Are Varun and Aditya strong willed to survive the existing truth? Will they match up to the expectations of their family?

Be a part of Varun and Aditya's life changing wedding day on Hum Dono Hain Alag Alag on Monday, 14th September, 10 pm, only on Star One
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Prem-heer4eva @Prem-heer4eva 14 years ago i know that adi is going to marry shree but i hope that she says no, i hope by doing that adi might gain some respect for her and actually care about her when he marries her
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nitinsablok @nitinsablok 14 years ago hello allthe team members of hum dono hai alalg alalg iam nitinsablok from meerut cantt and iam a student of hotel management nad catering technology and applied nutrition and iam in a final year and myine cell number is 9410887527
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aysha @aysha-4 14 years ago i love this show something different and fresh xx
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Ragini @ragzz. 14 years ago This show rocks, and so diffrerent from other shows...love it soo much! can hardly wait for it now...btw awesome pic IF and thanks for sharing this article with us!
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nitinsablok @nitinsablok 14 years ago hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, ism waitinga reply
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ramusk @ramusk 14 years ago finally a debut article of HDHAA in ths forum.......eagerly waitng for the day....this show is going gr8 and is completely unpredictable as the other shows.....
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Imran @-Imu.M- 14 years ago Can't wait for this !
The show is amazing !
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aishwarya @aish_punk 14 years ago M really excited for this!..but i just hope it happens in a peaceful manner..
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Knowalot2 @Knowalot2 14 years ago Wohoo!! they're getting married! that's fantastic news!! can't wait!! :D
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