Wedding season in Swarg

Its wedding season in Colors’ and Rajan Shahi’s Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg; but not everyone’s happy…

Two brothers have married on the same mandap on Colors and Rajan Shahi's Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg. The wedding takes place amidst a lot of confusion and tension. The newlyweds share their feelings with us…

Archana Taide aka Suhani says, "Suhani has a mixture of feelings. She hasn't completely gotten over a sense of betrayal over what Arjun did but at the same time she is tremendously happy over the fact that she is getting married to the person she loves- Shubh."

For Archana shooting this wedding sequence was a whole new experience. She says, "Since I'm a catholic I've never been to a Hindu wedding ceremony before. So shooting for Swarg got me introduced to many Hindu reeti- riwaz (customs and rituals). Especially I loved the one where they write your husband's name with henna on your hands."

Nikkhil Chadha aka Arjun says, "Arjun is feeling trapped right now. He knows that Lolita is manipulative and a gold-digger. That's why he was screaming at the family members that she is not the right person for him to marry. They were not understanding it then but soon they will come to know. Even Arjun and Lolita's suhaag-raat is one of a kind. Something that's never  seen before in television. So watch out for it."

Pracheen Chauhan aka Shubh says, "Shubh is under a lot of pressure right now. He has taken a very big step. He doesn't know Suhani loves him so he is going through an emotional turbulence where he is unsure if he's made the right decision. His main concern right now is Suhani's happiness. He is waiting for his father's return so he can use his council in progressing matters."

We tried contacting Shammin Mannan aka Lolita to know about her thoughts on the marriage. But she remained unavailable. Even so, lets watch out how the two marriages shape up…

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


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-Ritz- 10 years ago finally shubh is married to Suhani. Thanks Rajan Shahi.2009-11-04 19:08:48
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