'We have been thrown out, but we will surely rise again'-Kashmera Shah

Kashmera and Krushna got eliminated this week, even after getting perfect scores for the second week running. Telly Buzz team talked to a visibly disturbed Kash and this is what she had to say...

Nearly 48 hours have rolled on, since Kashmera and Krushna faced bitter scenes of being eliminated in Nach Baliye, but they are just not able to come to terms with the fact that, they are out of the Nach Baliye Reality Show, even after giving outstanding performances time and again. Kashmera says, “It is really surprising that, even after doing so well, we are thrown out like this in such an unceremonious manner. Just check out our puppet act this week, you will know”, says Kash in a dejected tone. “Take it from me, nobody would have done this act as nicely as we have done. Even Davidji said, you both looked better as a puppet”, remarks Kash.

Talking about the wound that was made bigger, with Rakhi made to announce their name, Kash argues, “Why did the channel ask Rakhi to announce the eliminated jodi, when they knew it was us, getting eliminated?” Adding on to this, Kash expressed her unhappiness over the incident shown in the very first episode of the reality show, wherein Rakhi made all the comments on Kash. “It feels really bad; if you see, it has been Rakhi who has spoken against me all the time, it is not me. In fact, Star had the decency to show me apologizing on TV, while Rakhi made all those unnecessary comments. Let me make it clear to all, hope all the channels read this; that we will never come together again in any reality show after this.I will never ever like to be pitted against Rakhi in future.”

You both wanted to settle scores with each other here, isn’t it? “Yes, I agree that there was a tough competition between us here; I will not lie when I say this. But I am a very secure person, even after this elimination; this is not a loss for me at all. This is not a victory for her, either, because I go out with my head high, after scoring more than her, in the last round as well as this week’s round too. Can you believe that we got full scores last week, and got the perfect scores this week too, whereas Rakhi fell short?”, is a question that Kash asks the Junta Janradhan to answer..

Talking about the elimination, Kash remarks, “Even Star is shocked that we did not get enough votes, after 2 stupendous back-to-back performances. See, if this kind of voting pattern prevails, talented people will never take part in any reality show. I was very disappointed; I actually walked out of the stage, on hearing the result. Even Rakhi was stunned and said, she has nobody to compete with now.”

She adds, “Nach is watched by women all over, so this is one thing I would like to ask them – You see to it that your kids do well in exams and score the maximum, “Beta tu padhai kar” is what every mother here would say. Now, let me ask, how would you feel if your kid gives his 100%, even gets perfect scores in exams, but never gets what he deserves in life? This is the same thing that has happened to us now. We worked really hard; it is not easy for anyone to get perfect scores 2 weeks in a row, but we achieved this. Now we are pushed back for no reason, why? How will you people feel when your kids face the same thing tomorrow? Will you not want justice then? This is exactly how we feel right now”, says a very emotional Kash.

Now how are you preparing for next week’s Wild Card? “We are off to Bangkok now, will be back on Sunday. We have 2 days to rehearse for the Wild Card shoot on Wednesday, we are confident that we will give our best shot. Let’s see. We are confident that people will emphatise with us; we want to come back and spread a message that Ups and Downs are part of life, but to bite the dust and rise up is what we are capable of. Yes, we have been thrown out, but we will surely rise again”, says Kash with confidence brimming all over her.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (36)

hmmm.... they shouldnt have asked someone else to announce the elimination... its not fair....n i dont know when they have judges , why the janta has to vote???? then fire the judges..let the janta decide the winner........

16 years ago

Kashmeera is out!!!! it is like Good Riddance Bad Rubbish!!!! Yes and thank God for that.Kash was a pain so she thinks she was better than rakhi? then dear come back to earth rakhi is miles and miles better than you any time both in talent and as a human being.she maybe a loudmouth as her survivor mode in this industry but is genuinely good at heart that one gets through and see inside her soul.she is not conniving and manipulating like you so keep away and hope you never get to come back again.you say you dont want to be seen rakhi again then lady may it be known to you that we dont want to see you again anywhere!!!

16 years ago

i like kash performances.she is right.........this is really bad they got higher score but voted out......rakhi is drama a big drama.....i dont like rakhi...

16 years ago

kashmeera is the best dancer among all the contestants.
even getting perfect scores cant guarantee one's security because of this disgusting rule of public voting.

16 years ago

I think she is right. she has done an amazing job in the last two dances that she had.. and to be voted off like that.. come on!! that was soo NOT fair.. But i think that she should not be offended that Rakhi announced the results.. i mean she has mentioned before too that they are friends.. so i guess star figured that it will not sound too Bad coming from a FRIEND..

Pinkimukherjee: in terms of her being arrogant and selfish. i dont think that is the case.. she is none of the above comment mentioned. she is straight forward and honest (like Rakhi).. and i think one of the judges also mentioned that both of them are down to earth and simple.. i mean after such nice comments she should have a bad image.. I also dont agree that she is vulgar. what has she done to be called that? I also found her nice and honest.. and besides this is a dance show not a popularity contest.. her skills have proven that she is better than half the participants still in the competition so why not give her a chance..??

anyways. no means to offend anyone.. just my opinion!!!

luv pri

16 years ago

cool...check out live conversations on nach baliye 3 at chittr dot com

16 years ago

I feel kash is out because of her bad public image. she is arragont, selfish & manupulative. We have seen her doing the same manupulation in other reality shows too.
She deserves what has happened, She looks vulgar & in decent. ANd Krushna behaves like a dumb idiot with her. He has no brains at all. He should immediately come out of the relationship & start a healthy life with self respect

16 years ago

she made ugliest faces in that song, it was hard to watch.
and what is this about Rakhi she is saying she is elemnated because of what she is... Thank God she is gone :) I hope they never come back

16 years ago

hunh! so much of arrogance ..good they are out!

16 years ago

OMG!!! they e voted out ... but they really performed well ...

16 years ago

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