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'We have a dream,will you help us fulfill our dream?'--AmberDhara

"Kuch logoan ko hamare sapnon par bhi hasi aati hai...kya aap ko bhi?" This is only the beginning of our dream chase...we need your support and help. Will you be with us in our dream chase...

Published: Friday,Oct 12, 2007 19:46 PM GMT-06:00
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"Kuch logoan ko hamare sapnon par bhi hasi aati hai…kya aap ko bhi?" We were laughed at when we walked down the streets…we were teased when we went out to play…and now even our dreams are made fun off…what if we are conjoined don’t we have a right to dream? While many laugh at our dreams… would you, our loyal viewers, be with us?

We have a dream,will you help us fulfill our dream?--AmberDhara
We have faced humiliation & rejection from the moment we were born. Our father rejected us, leaving mom to face the world alone. In school we were teased and mocked at. As we grew up the society shunned us…at weddings, religious ceremonies and festive occasions…they call us inauspicious, bad omen, unlucky… But ma told us that let the world talk…let the world shun, but we should know that our biggest advantage is our being conjoined …hum saat hai toh kaas hai…

So like all young girls we’ve also dared to dream. Amber is crazy about glitz, glam, singing and dreams of making it big. But that can only happen if we are together. We are two bodies, two lives, but ONE in everything we do…

Anuj, the music patron of Panchgani, wants us to dream big .He has added color to our dreams—he promises fame & fortune in the city of dreams. There are stars in Amber’s eyes, but Dhara is more realistic & grounded and cannot understand Amber’s soaring ambitions .In spite of ma’s warning that Anuj has some ulterior motive behind this, yet we leave to chase our dreams and avenge the humiliation ma faced, at the marriage ceremony, due to us and bring back the pride and smile on ma’s face…away from their ma, nanu & the serene Panchgani we will never cease to love.

Amidst the glitter & glamour of the city, we so often only read about, we take our first steps to take on the world, a world that will soon be ours. The stage is set--- arc lights are flashing, thunderous applauds in the background, thousands of spectators…the spotlight falls on us. We will be beginning our musical journey…

This is only the beginning of our dream chase…we need your support and help. Will you be with us in our dream chase…

Stay tuned …AmberDhara.

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crackers** @crackers** 16 years ago man i love this show............... it is so awesome
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Ankita @anku2cute 16 years ago Ohh its a lovely show...dunt gt to watch har roz bt jab bhi dekha loved it
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talkativetaurus @talkativetaurus 16 years ago thanks for the article ... obviously we will .. i love this shw n prety sure tht others do 2!
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Anuradha Ravi @Anuradha 16 years ago I am loving this serial.. A bit different from the usual soaps.. But there are too many bloopers!! By seeing them its evident that they are separate and not joined.. More work on camera tricks and editing can be done to give the real effect!!
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