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'We all work really hard' - Rakhi Sawant

In conversation with the dancing queen - Rakhi Sawant, who talks about her experience in Nach Baliye, and much more...

Published: Sunday,Oct 21, 2007 11:06 AM GMT-06:00
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Known for her sizzling dance numbers, and innumerable controversies, Rakhi Sawant is at her best while she talks her heart out. So here's Rakhi Sawant in conversation with the Telly Buzz team. Read on...

We all work really hard - Rakhi Sawant
How has your experince in Nach Baliye been?

I have had so much of fun here. mein bata bhi nahin sakti. itna pyaar mila hain, aur itne acche dost mile hain. hamare judges bhi itne bade legends hain, ki hame toh vishwaas bhi nahin aata kabhi kabhi, ki humme, itne pyaar mil raha hain, aur log hamari itni tariff karte hain.. Seriously, it has been a wonderful experience.

English Translation: I have had so much of fun here..I can't even express it,i have got so much of love and so many good friends..Our judges are big legends that i dont even believe it that sometimes that we are receiving so much of love and people are praising us so much..Seriously, it has been a wonderful experiene

Who do you think is your toughest jodi?

Sabhi tough hain. Pooja and Hanif are awesome, aur apni Kash bhi kafi accha kar leti hain. aur sanjeeda aur ali ka toh koi jawaab nahin hain. sab hard work kar rahe hain. bahot hard work kar rahe hain, main bhi abhi rehersal pe hu, aur mein bhi hard work kar rahi hu, aur abhishek bhi hard work kar raha hain...

English Translation: All are tough...Pooja and Hanif are awesome and even Kash does really good..and Aamir and Sanjeeda are just too good..All are working hard...all are working very hard and I am in the rehearsals now, and even i am working hard and Abhishek is also working hard.

Talking about Kashmera, how are things on that front?

Mein Jesus aur Ganpati mein manti hu, aur mere bhagwan kehte hain that I should forgive and forget, aur kash ke saath mein yehi kar rahi hu. mujhe usse koi shikayat nahin hain. Aur hum ek competition mein hain, toh thodi toh nauk jhok ho, toh hi accha lagta hain, hain na?

English Translation: I beleive in Jesus and Ganpati and my God says i should forgive and forget and I am doing the same with Kash..I have no complaints against her..and we are in a competetion so little bit of fight seems good, isnt it?

Who do you want to see come back in the wild card entry?

Everyone should be back. Sabne hard work kiya hain, toh we shouldn't stop anyone from returning.

We all work really hard - Rakhi Sawant
What is the difference between performing here and performning on a general stage ?

As Abhishek said, ki, hamme kafi alag shades dikhane hote hain. and that gets very tough. like, yahan pe judges kehte rehte hain - Rakhi show indian dances also, toh abhi hume unki baat toh sunni padti hain. Akhir they and the jaanta decide ki hum iss competition mein rahe ya nahin.

English Translation: As Abhishek said, we have to show many shades..and that gets very tough. Here judges keep saying-Rakhi show indian dances also, so we have to listen to them ...afterall they and the audience decide if we stay in the competetion or not.

Any projects going on simultaneously as well?

Nahin, mein aur Abhishek, sirf abhi nach baliye pe concentrate kar rahe hain. aur hamme, toh time bhi nahin milta... I really appreciate ki joh log shooting bhi kar rahe hain, aur jo rehersals bhi karte hain, serisouly hats off to them.

English Translation: Nopes ,Abhishek and me are just concentarting on Nach Baliye now..and we dont even get time...I really appreciate those people who are shooting and who rehearse too,hats off to them.

A message to your fans?

I hope that all my fans and even those who arent my fans should vote for the deserving jodi. hum sab hard work kar rahe hain, aur audience soch samaj ke vote kare... and I pray that unki sari dukh mujhe mil jaye, aur meri saari khushiya unhe. I am a very strong person, and I can handle all the pains, since I have had a tough life since childhood. wishing everybody the very best!

English Translation: I hope that all my fans and even those who arent my fans should vote for the deserving jodi.We are all working very hard, and audience needs to think and then vote. And i pray that all their sorrow comes to me, and my happiness is showerd on them. I am a very strong person, and I can handle all the pains, since I have had a tough life since childhood. wishing everybody the very best!

That is truely what we call Rakhi ki style! Stay glued to Telly Buzz to catch an exclusive conversation with Abhishek Avasthi - coming up soon!

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt
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pomegranate @pomegranate 16 years ago thanks for the article she is really honest.
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Natalie Abraham @-DulceMaria- 16 years ago i admire her for her honesty, hope she wind NB3.
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Kaniz Khan @KKSudani 16 years ago RS is no doubt the Indian Barbie. Beautiful and at the same time repulsive.
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Rishani @FreeBird03 16 years ago thanks!! rakhi roxxx!! all my votes for her!!
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Ahmed @Too_Much 16 years ago Author ji hats off too you...
for translating it..warna i felt ke mai apni hindi bhool jaonga...
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neha @neha28 16 years ago rakhi seems so calm in this interview...but she;s doina good job in NB..n abhishek
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ajooni @ajooni 16 years ago rakhi, may 'jejus' and ganpati be with you always
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smallwonder @smallwonder 16 years ago Rakhi is a winner all the way!! Honest interview as always... May she be the NB3 winner... All the best...

thnx for the interview...
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zaveria @colling 16 years ago i like rakhi sawant alot! big fan of hers..dun know why ppl hate her?
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