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'We all have some innate supernatural ability' - Shama Sikander

Shama Sikander talks about her comeback show- Seven, on Sony.

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Shama Sikander who was busy dodging the small screen for a while has returned with Sony and YRF TV's Seven, a supernatural thriller. She talks about the show, supernatural abilities and women power!

What made you take this show up after evading the television scene for so long?
Well, the concept of the show was very appealing to me. The grandeur, the very reputable banner of YRF all this made me take up this show.

Tell us about your character in this show.
My character goes by the name of Shunya who is a very headstrong person. Her power is intelligence. She can search for anything and anybody. She can break any code in this world. She is physically and mentally strong. She has a lot of action sequences in the show. She has the power of telepathy, she can teleport. She can freeze people. Her abilities are amazingly endless!

Since you have to do a lot of action, did you get special training for the show?
I was already into kick-boxing. That helped me a lot. Apart from that I learnt a lot about wire action.

Doesn't so much physical exertion during shoots drain you?
Yes it does, but I enjoy it. I work out regularly, so I don't have to worry about not being able to take so much strain. And all this action keeps me all the more physically fit. So even if by the end of the shoot I'm physically drained, I'm mentally very fresh.

Tell us about your co-stars.
By the grace of God, we all get along very well. On the first day of shoot, all the newcomers were very apprehensive of me. They were addressing me as 'Mam'. But I was like- 'Main abhi itni bhi buddhi nahi ho gayi hoon' (I'm not that old yet). Now they respect me but are not nervous around me (smiles). We all are a funny bunch.

How does it feel to work with Yashraj?
It feels great! It has always been my dream to work with them. It's great to be a part of shows produced by such reputable houses. Everything is well executed here. Everything goes on without glitch. If work gets done smoothly its always pleasurable.

Your show deals with a lot of supernatural abilities. Do you personally believe in them?
I am a very spiritual person. I have always believed we all have some innate supernatural abilities. It's all in the use of our mind. It's amazing how a slight amount of patience and mental willpower makes one accomplish great things. We just have to try that extra bit.

Have you experienced supernatural abilities within yourself?
I get a lot of intuitions. And plus, I'm an energy person. If a person is thinking negatively I immediately sense that vibe…like in a minute.

What do you have to say to those who claim this is an English show's rip-off?
See, in life everything that we do has been inspired by something or the other. Seven is a show infused with a lot of Indian values which I don't think any other show has. In India, this show is the first of its kind. Whoever has seen this show has loved it and is welcoming this change in this Indian television industry. You keep asking for change but when it's offered you should also be ready to accept it.

Your character is all about women power. What would you like to tell all the women who are struggling to achieve something in their lives?
Women have always been powerful both mentally and physically just as men. Having said that, first give your aim a reality check, which is very important. Once you're sure you can do it, don't look back, never let any negative thing bring you down. Struggle for it wholeheartedly and the whole existence will conspire to make it happen for you!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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munz. 11 years ago I love seven... Especially Meherzan, who can read the thoughts...
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Shaina_b 11 years ago Seven is boring!!!!

But Shlok and Shunya!!!!

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