Wasna Ahmed learns to chant mantras..

Wasna Ahmed who plays the character of Shree in the Zee show had a tough time chanting mantras for a particular scene, but courtesy her never-say-die she finally mastered it...

Wasna Ahmed, under the able tutelage of JD Majethia is seemingly maturing as an actress.

In a particular sequence, Shree's character was supposed to chant a lot of mantras in order to oust the evil spirit Kangna from Bindiya's body. Hailing from the Islam community, Wasna was totally new to this kind of thing. After many failed attempts just when the production house decided to hire a VO artist to do the chanting bit, Wasna put her foot down and insisted that she will do it herself even if it requires her to prolong her shooting schedules. 

Needless to mention, JD Majethia was ecstatic and very touched by her gesture. Immediately a pandit was hired to tutor Wasna the mantras that she was required to chant…

After rigorous practice sessions, Wasna did an excellent job and for sure passed the exam with flying colors . What mattered was the creative satisfaction that the team got after such a labour… 

Hope our audiences are also able to appreciate the same…


Wasna Ahmed Shree  Zee TV 

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MasoomaBukhari 11 years ago Although I am also a muslim, I can understand that how tough are the mantras. I have listened them in many shows. You did a fabulous job. And you ROCK THE SHOW.2009-07-14 19:51:46
devashree_h 11 years ago Really good Wassna..keep up teh good work.
Yahoo2 11 years ago This content is hidden.
bmtdluver 11 years ago cool. nice to see her so dedicated.

AfghanLeena 11 years ago tuse gr8 ho Wasna good work :)

Love Leena:)
-Imu.M- 11 years ago Way to Wasna, I have always liked Your work !
Well done, Hard work Always Pays Off !
Fallen-Angel 11 years ago That's great...keep up the awesome work...!!

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