Waseem Mushtaq: Had mentally left Sasural Simar Ka 2 way back; my character graph in Spy Bahu is really nice

India Forums got talking to Waseem Mushtaq about the role in Spy Bahy, if he had any apprehensions on leaving a show for another, and some more.

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Waseem Mushtaq

Waseem Mushtaq has been in the news recently for his decision to quit Sasural Simar Ka 2, where he played the role of Lalit Kashyap. The actor is now a part of another Colors show, Spy Bahu, featuring Sehban Azim and Sana Sayyad in the lead role. India Forums got talking to Waseem about the role, if he had any apprehensions on leaving a show for another, and some more.

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Were there any apprehensions about making the decision to leave a show for another?

I did not have any apprehension because I had mentally left their show way back because there was nothing for me to do in that show so I wanted to move on and do something good. It was not about the number of days, it was about what did I have to do as an actor. I had absolutely no apprehensions about leaving that show for this one.

What prompted you to choose Spy Bahu over something else?

The main reason I chose Spy Bahu is because the character has very grey shades, and it is how people really are, and it is a cop, something I love to play. The entire character graph is really nice and it is very exciting and I just couldn't say not to it, it is really nice to be a part of the show.

In the current day and age with shows going off-air so frequently due to TRP concerns, how much do TRPs bother you?

TRPs have always been there and even 10 years back, everything revolved around them and today also, we have the same. But yes, to an extent, OTT platforms have changed that but whatever content is coming on TV is going to be measured by TRP and it is a very important parameter. But if you ask me, it doesn't bother me now, what kind of characters and roles I do, that's what is more important to me now. I don't really worry so much about TRPs, my character and my performance are my concerns.

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...and now there are rumors that spy bahu is going off air. yikes.

2 years ago

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