Vishal to play main lead in Rishton Se Badi Pratha

Vishal Karwal is all set to play the main lead in Colors' new show Rishton Se Badi Pratha

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The future of Colors' upcoming show Rishton Se Badi Pratha seemed bleak, what with the never ending search to get the main leads. However all is well that now as the channel has finally managed to get the cast they wanted. The latest is that the girl's favourite Vishal Karwal, who by playing the lead in Colors' Bhagyavidhata has gained a lot of recognition, has been chosen to play the lead in Pratha.

Our source tells us, "After Gaurav Chaudhary and Shalini Chandran were replaced even after their promos went on air, the channel was clear that they needed a known face to carry the role. Vishal had in the meantime, put down his papers as he did not wish to continue with Bhagyavidhata, as the show is all set to take for a big generation leap. Hence the channel decided to rope in Vishal for their next big show."

We hear that big names like Rajat Tokas were also considered, but Vishal was always the channel's first choice. It is heard that Vishal had lot many offers in the kitty out of which he has chosen Pratha.

 Our source further says, "Vishal has signed on the dotted lines and is all set to start shoot in a day or two." We hear that a fresh face Neha Saxena, from the Mithibai College will play the female lead.

For the uninitiated, Gagan Malik was signed to play lead earlier, but he opted out due to personal reasons.  After a long search, they zeroed in on Shalini Chandran and Gaurav Chaudhary, with whom the promo was also shot and aired. However, the bad response to the promo prompted the channel to go for another change.

We tried contacting Vishal, but refused to comment. We tried contacting Pearl Grey, of Spellbound productions, but did not get a revert.    

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Saranya Valsarajan

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Comments (30)

All the best RAJAT TOKAS. You are the BEST

13 years ago

yaaaa..rajat will get a better show...........after all he is the best..................

13 years ago

wow.... "big names like rajat tokas".....i really loved reading that part....he is a rockstar.

13 years ago

no problem
rajjy will get a better show

13 years ago

I really beg to wonder how can Colors do this...Shalini Natrajan is really good actress...I really liked her in the promos..she seems convincing and not the typical heroine types...Even Gaurav Chaudary, as I remember him in his brief stint in a zee tv show...Its unfair..both are really apt...Moreover an unfamiliar face for the heroine and much too popular one for the hero is a direct contradiction to the reasons stated for the actors removal...perceptionally ppl will still remember him as Vinay...

13 years ago

this guy looks cool... havent seen the shows promos so cant comment..

13 years ago

omg hy didn't they keep shalini?!! Vishal is good

13 years ago

How can CH blame actors..If they want good response then why can they show something sensible ..they always promote negativity

13 years ago

from acting point of view,,,,, vishal is nowhere infront of rajat.....rajat is a gr8 actor......they should have taken rajat as the main lead..............................

13 years ago

huh they changed lead actors because of response to promo? thats crazy...anyways vishal is gud but was looking forward for shalini's presence

13 years ago

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