Vishal Singh and Srishty Rode's music video 'Kasam' tugs at your heartstrings a little

Sung by Goldie Behl, Vishal Singh and Srishty Rode's music video is simple and yet, narrates a beautiful story.

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Vishal Singh and Srishty Rode's music video Kasam is out now and well, it sure seems to be a fine one after all. The music video narrates a simple love story with beautiful visuals, without too many tropes to it. The highlight of the video apart from Goldie Behl's voice is the way the Pink city has been shown.

While their chemistry seems just fine, nothing about the music video feels forces and that's the beauty of it for more reasons than one. While one is left wondering until the very end just how the ending is a sad one, voila, things change, and for good! Vishal and Srishty have come together for the first time, and the simplicity of the video is what seems to be a clear winner!

Check out the video here:

Given the rise in the trend of music videos, a lot has to be done in order to ensure that they don't all look the same and breaks out of the monotony after all. While with Kasam, the team has managed to make a fair attempt at doing so, it is the story and the music that help the audiences keep up just fine! 

With a little of everything not too much, the music video is a fair watch!

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