Vishal looks forward to romantic days

Vishal Karwal aka Vinay of Bhagya Vidhata is eager for some onscreen romance...

Vishal Karwal who plays Vinay in Colors' Bhagya Vidhata is not unhappy with the tad tinge of grey in his role, but he does look forward to doing romantic scenes ahead.

Says Vishal, "Splittsvilla gave me recognition among the urban youth crowd. With Bhagya Vidhata I've been given recognition in the senior crwod. Yes, my role has a tad bit of grey in it but its understandable given the situation the boy has undergone. However, I know that there are romantic days ahead. When that comes I will do it with full gusto and leave all the telly lover boys behind (laughs)!"

Vishal adds, "Taking up this role was indeed a challenge. First of all I'm not a trained actor. Plus, this character is very rustic. I'm from Punjab and I have a very heavy Punjabi accent. I had to neutralise it and adapt a Bihari accent. But I worked against all these odds and if today people hate me I take it as an achivement because that's precisely the effect my character should be creating!"

Vishal is very happy with the way Bhagya Vidhata has been doing. He says, "Bhagya Vidhata was made with the rural audience in mind. But surprisingly even the educated urban crowd has taken a liking to it. Its got a TRP of 3.3 which is quite good for a show in the 7pm slot."

For Vishal so far the going has been good. "I'm not a trained actor. Never even had a taste of theatre. But my fate has brought me till here. I feel truly blessed, " he signs off.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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hey there!!!!!!!!!!!
this is richa sony.....wishing u all happy new year.......2010.....may almighty bless u all always..have fun

14 years ago

@Preeti...even you watch this show :OO hehe

14 years ago

Waiting Vindya................ Come and show more Romantic scenesssssssss

14 years ago

I LOVE vindiya together. I hope vinay and bindiya be happy in short time...

14 years ago

@ Nishtha: Stay .. Far, far Away from Vinay Sinha :P

But jokes apart, as a Vindiya fan, even I can't wait to see their romantic track unfold in future. We as an audience have been very patient for it to happen and its about time that the track is going to be shown. I think personally though that a lot of younger people do watch the serial as well. Its a different concept and that's what grabbed my attention at first. Then Vinay-Bindiya's chemistry was such that I just couldn't stay away from watching the show. So Vishal, if u are reading this, pls know that we all equally enjoy your acting very much. Be it an older person or a younger one, we are all hooked onto it because of its concept and the entire team. Plus your dimples melt a gal's heart like anything ;) So you are definitely not hated here :)


14 years ago

i guess all VinDiya fans r also luking fwd to the romantic days too:D gud to know tht he is as eager as us...lolz...nice interview thnxx TB<3

14 years ago

He's SOOO hootttttttt!

and I m SOO looking forward to seeing his romance with BINDIYA AND ONLYY BINDYAA!

14 years ago

I hope it is with Bindya though!

14 years ago

omg...M so so excited...i m desperately waiting for his romantic side...but i hope it's not with punpunali's sis... All the best to Vindiya aka...ViCha...(Vishal-Richa)

14 years ago

o vishal we love you...
you look cute adorable as vinay... :)

14 years ago

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