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Vish Ya Amrit Sitara Gets A New Entry!

Past few months, Vish Ya Amrit Sitara has been in news for many reasons...


Vish Ya Amrit Sitara starring Adaa Khan and Arhaan Behll was recently in news about the main lead Adaa leaving the show. The show also made headlines for Shakti Anand and Falaq Naaz being ousted from the show. 

The two actors were not happy with the sudden ouster and they expressed their displeasure in their interviews later on. Despite the recent attempts by the makers, the supernatural show couldn't set the TRP charts on fire.

The makers are leaving no stone unturned to make the show interesting, and the show will witness a new entry. Amandeep Sidhu who was last seen as Kanchan in Tantra will soon enter the show. The actor will enter as some one who has a power to control natural elements.

Amandeep's character will be one who can talk to nature and also can control it. 

It will be interesting to watch how this character will affect Sitara's life.

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jankipatel22 2015-05-09T13:22:01Z Did you seriously compare Osama to Salman? I am a big Salman Khan fan. I am not saying that he shouldn't be punished for his actions. Yeah, we cannot justify his actions by claiming that he did charity and helped operate 300 kids but you should atleast respect what he did. He was doing all the charity genuinely from his heart. Therefore, do not compare Salman Khan with Osama! Salman Khan ran over those innocent people by mistake while Osama killed millions on purpose and did not even regret it. While, Salman Khan did regret it and changed himself to a better person. He is the most loved star in our country not only for his movies also for his humanity. So, stop!!!!
Gouri_Joshi 2015-05-09T06:10:38Z I am myself is salman's big fan.
But I am not doing any of those things.
He did a mistake, and now he is paying for it.
Its simple.
Where were salmans fan when he ran car over a innocent person
Its shameful thing
If the person was one of their family member they would have bashed then also for not punishing salman
2015-05-09 06:12:49
aysemLDG 2015-05-09T05:22:42Z There are millions of Gods in different religions to be worshiped but Salman Khan's fans chose to worship a murderer. Those celebrities who supported a killer are just thinking of their own benefits. Why is it hard for those fans and celebreties to show just a little bit humanity to the victim. Aren't they worrying for the judicial system of India, which was bought with money. I'm not Indian but even I'm worrying about this injustice. One day, everyone will need justice, even those who are blindly supporting a killer, ignoring the value of a human life.
slyther_in 2015-05-09T01:39:04Z I loved this article.
Still I don't understand - Don't people have brain. Grown up and still don't knw what is right and wrong
mandy001 2015-05-09T01:15:53Z Ds z called an unbiased article...where everybody is supporting a criminal , only IF gave honest article . Good job IF.2015-05-09 01:24:06
ddsoaps 2015-05-09T00:38:11Z A Must read for all...
Glorious-Wings 2015-05-09T00:24:31Z Bang On Article

Sallu Bhai fans have just one thing to say in his defense, so what Salman drank and drove he donated so much money and got300 kids operated. That means if Osama would have done charity, you would stand up for him too?!? Isn't it similar to the saying, Ganga mein nahane se saare paap dhul jayenge (Bathing in river Ganges will rinse all your sins. So, all the criminals should be sentenced to bath in the Ganges rather than imprisonment.

@bold part Thumbs Up 2015-05-09T00:17:04Z Oh yeah ! I think Abhijeet proved to be a great Salman Khan fan. :))
MS-meghasharma 2015-05-09T00:05:23Z good article IF. seriosuly how can ppl defend someone killing another person ?driving under the influence of alcohol , killing someone and rendering someone handicapped for the rest of life seems like no big deal to them.i wonder if they would have said the same thing if salman would have hit someone they knew.
mahalaxmi-sita 2015-05-08T23:34:58Z i really hope god punishes salman for the bad karma he has done.. in this life only, i want to see him suffer, not only him but even these bollywood celebs who are shamelessly supporting this criminal for their own interests, i hope they all are ruined like the victims families.
if there is god, these disgusting corrupt bolly celebs should be punished.
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