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Virat Kohli credits Anushka Sharma for helping him see a different side to things altogether

Recently, Virat Kohli seemed to be rather gushing over wife Anushka Sharma and spoke about how she has brought about a change in him.


Give Indian skipper Virat Kohli a chance to talk about wife Anushka Sharma and the cricketer never fails to praise her. In a recent interaction with teammate Mayank Agarwal on "Open Nets with Mayank", Kohli opened up about how he would have never changed if it wasn't for the actress. He said, "I give Anushka full credit for making me see a different side of things altogether. I'm so grateful that Anushka is my life partner as she made me realise a lot of things that are to do with the larger picture." 

He further added, "My responsibility as a player, my responsibility with who I am today, what that brings along with it. Setting an example for people in the right manner. All these things have come from Anushka. If I hadn't met Anushka I might not have changed as I was not an open person and was very rigid and she's made me change as a person for good." The couple's lockdown posts were a real treat for their fans.

Anushka even celebrated her birthday during this period and Virat had revealed that he had baked a cake for her for the first time ever. "I baked a cake for the first time in my life on Anushka's birthday, so that will be a standout quarantine story for me. I had never done baking in my life, and I was able to do it properly in my first attempt. She told me that she loved the cake and it was very special," Kohli told Mayank Agarwal. 


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