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Vinay Rohraa out; Ravi Dubey in

Vinay Rohraa who played Ranbir in Zee's Ranbir Rano is being replaced by Ravi Dubey...

Published: Friday,Dec 26, 2008 17:00 PM GMT-07:00
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Zee TV’s Punjabi love story Ranbir Rano seems to be plagued by bad luck. At first it was the change in time slot, and then came the bad news about the lead girl Sakshi Talwar taking ill. Her continuing sickness has caused the show some problems.

In this scenario comes the latest news that the lead guy Vinay Rohraa will be replaced.  According to sources, “He has to leave town as he has to attend to some personal problems.  Being a lead actor, he has 2/3 scenes every episode, and the creatives could not let him go. Hence it was mutually decided to bring in somebody else. The new Ranbir is Ravi Dubey”. 

Vinay confirmed the same saying he is quite sad to have left the show. “But I had no alternative as I had to attend to a personal issue. I might finish my shoot in the next few days”, he said. However, he rejected the buzz that the chemistry between him and Sakshi was not good. “People liked our jodi a lot”, comments the actor.

He also said that he heard rumors that the lead girl may also be replaced in some time as she is down with a liver infection. Sheel Kumar, Producer, Shreya Creations said, “Sakshi is indeed unwell, but no decision has been taken to replace her”. However, he did concur that if her health does not get better, certain steps might have to be taken.

The actress on her part says that she is better now and hopes that she will continue with her normal shoots.

Let's see what happens next!!

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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kanza44 @kanza44 14 years ago its not suppose to happen its all wrong i wish he comes back if he doesnt ill be mad as hell its not right they shouldve replaced him teporarally not for ever tell me its not forever please tell me hes gonna come back anyone please
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RR hot fan
RR hot fan @RR hot fan 14 years ago I wont watch the show anymore if the handsome Vinay wont be back to be with rano. They are so compatible n the chemistry btwn em in the story is overwhelming.
Very romantic & touching love story. Pls, I wan Vinay always as the lead actor. Hes the best person for it. =(
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irash @irash 14 years ago i was very sad when Vinay Rohraa has changed. i love his acting as ranbir. please bring him back to show. and please dont change Sakshi Talwar.she is very good as rano. they both are looking perfect for ranbir rano. please bring him back and please
dont change Sakshi Talwar. if they are not in the show we may dont like to watch the show. so please bring him back and dont change her. pleaaaaaaaaaaaaas
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ranbir rano
ranbir rano @ranbir rano 14 years ago i swaer if ranbir doesnt cum backs we will not watch the serial both sakshi and vinay are the best if the lead actors leave then uff! pls vinay cum back
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shabs_89 @shabs_89 14 years ago RR hadnt been on for long n all this is happening....cant they jus show ranbir missing for a week...like deva sed....we will understand!!!...i am sad to hear this!!!

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Lipsha @lipshaa 14 years ago Ravi dubey is from zee next seris Yahan ke hum sikndar.....

But i want our ranbir rano..
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khushboo @khushboo16 14 years ago omg why i dont want him ti leave and who is ravi dubey?=[
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mansi @ziddiladki 14 years ago i agree withe debashree...just make up story about him missing and bringhim back.....
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Devashree @devashree_h 14 years ago Why do they have to change him.....look into your brains creatives and bring out some story of Ranbir going missing and once Vinay sorts his issues, bring him back...There is no need to change him...He is Ranbir for us.He looks so cute with Rano.
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Esha @Esha_018 14 years ago i agree with

paaal remixrulz watdhell
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