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Vikaas Kalantri on upcoming short film about work from home and getting back to acting

Vikaas Kalantri is all set to be a release his short film this week and here's what he had to say about the concept and the reason for taking this up.

Published: Tuesday,May 11, 2021 07:37 AM GMT-06:00
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Work from home has been the most common phenomenon given the lockdown as offices are shut and everyone has been home. Turning this into the subject of his short film, Vikaas Kalantri will be seen not only directing but also acting in it. The story is about Vikram (Vikaas), and how his life is affected due to the lockdown and work from home given the pandemic. With a boss who is a complete taskmaster, Vikram is having a difficult time keeping up with his job. However, just when things are about to get better, another lockdown hits him hard, and what follows adds to the story. We got in touch with 

About what gave him the idea to do this, he said, ''This short film has a lot to do with what I am facing in life and what many people are facing. Because of the lockdown and the work from home kind of situation, a lot of us can't cope up because we are used to working in an office and how to go about it. Once you go to the office you actually have that mindset to work. Work from home as a concept does not go well with me and hence, this entire concept came to my mind.''

Here are the cast details:

Vikram – Lead – Sales & Marketing Head (Vikaas Kalantri) 

Priya – Lead – Wife of Vikram (Priyanka Kalantri) 

Boss – Aisha (Debina Bonnerjee) 

Ashish – Vikram's Buddy (Gurmeet Choudhary) 

Sunaina – Vikram’s Colleague & Assistant Manager (Rishina Khandhari) 

Rahul – Vikrams Colleague & Friend (Romanch Mehta) 

Rakhi – Priya’s Sister (Hritiqa Chibber) 

Vihu – Vikram & Priya’s Son (Vihaan Kalantri)

Ask him about donning multiple roles for the short film, Vikaas tells us, ''Coming back to acting was actually great because it was my concept, I actually wanted to do it my way. Obviously, I had taken the mantle of directing it but when I spoke to friends, they said you should only act to it, and this is your situation so you'll do the best. I was an actor so I thought that why not don the role and everything, hopefully, people will love it.''

The short film releases on May 13, 2021.

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