Vidya back home in Aap Ki Antara..

Catch the next few twists in the life of the little girl Antara, in Zee's new show Aap Ki Antara..

Zee's Aap Ki Antara has opened to a good viewer response, as the story of the little kid Antara (Zaynah Vastani) is gripping enough.

However, the entry of Antara in the lives of Aditya (Darshan Pandya) and Vidya (Prabhleen Sandhu) has created turmoil in their married life and Vidya has in fact walked out of the house. Aditya faces more problems when he is forced to quit his job. Things go worse when he is handed the divorce papers by Vidya's father.

All this force Aditya to put Antara in an orphanage. "He even takes her to an orphanage, but is just not able to part from her. Meanwhile, Sameer Aditya's friend advises Aditya to apologize to his boss in office and get his job back so that he can pay a higher rent and meet the demands of his house owner", says our source.

"As advised, Aditya apologizes and gets his job back. Meanwhile, Vidya is persuaded by her mother to go back to her husband who loves her and her kid a lot. Eventually, Vidya gets back home but all is not hunky dory between them. She still maintains a distance from Aditya owing to the presence of Antara in the house", adds our source.

If sources are to be believed, in the episodes to come, there will arise a situation wherein a doctor is called to check on Antara and the entire family gets to know about the little girl being autistic.

How will Aditya and Vidya react to this bitter truth?

All this and more drama awaits the audience in Aap Ki Antara..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (21)

I love cute.......................... Antra

14 years ago

AKA is a relli gud show
@snowflake0555 agree wid u
n Antara is sooooooooooo cuteee
Lokkin forward to commin up epis

14 years ago

The kiddi antara is damn cute....she is suchhh a her....n she acts soooo maturely...gud luck to whole team of antara

14 years ago

aww im glad she returns back home!
i really love this new show, it's different from the usual drama's :)

14 years ago

Aditya will be shattered but Vidya won't

14 years ago

I really do hope that they find out about Antara being autistic! The news will probably make things better... or worse lol.


14 years ago

interesting.... at least Adi doesn't leave Antara at the orphanage!

14 years ago

that girl is so cute,,i just loving the show because of her

14 years ago

it is an wonderful show , it had moments magic that can touch heart with so many social issue based show it is really different in treatement, acting, ANTARA is soooooooooo cuut, when she cries anyone who see it can fill the pain.

14 years ago

the story so far is interesting and fresh..

14 years ago

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