Veer and Radhika's romance begins in Jaane Pehchaane Se Ye Ajnabbi

After the thriller sequence, Star One’s Jaane Pehchane Se Yeh Ajnabbi, will now feature a sweet romantic sequence …

Star One's Jaane Pehchaane Se Ye Ajnabbi has been trying for some time to bring some charm to the show. The changes started with replacement of Aditi Tailang by Sanjeeda Sheikh and progressed with a Bhool Bhulaiyya kind of story track. Now the creatives have realized that romance is something that can kindle a sparkle in any show.

Says our source, "Now, that Radhika (Sanjeeda Sheikh) is convinced that veer (Siddharth Shukla) was not the one who tried to kill her, she has gotten over that mental state of mind where she was wary of him. She now trusts him and has given way for love in their relationship. Veer has never been happier and is behaving like the typical boy-head-over-heels-in-love."

"Veer takes Radhika out to a garden where he professes his love for her, which is something similar to the Amitabh-Rakhee scene in themovie Kabhi Kabhie. He also takes her to a temple where he teaches her the meaning of pheras in typical Salman style of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Veer realizes that just like priceless gestures, expensive gifts too go a long way on conveying love. So he gifts Radhika a really royal jet black BMW."

So is actor Siddharth Shukla happy that the spooky sequence is now complete to give way to a romantic one? He has a simple and straight answer- "Like totally dude!"

Sanjeeda was happy to share a rather unheard meaning of a phera. She says, "In one of the pheras Veer says- yeh phera usliye hai taaki hamare bacche sacche aur nek bane. I've never heard of anything like that ever before in my entire career as an actress. And believe me I've been married onscreen so many times when it comes to reel life!"

Hope Radhika and Veer have a good romantic going!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (47)

Siddharth Shukla you were awesome in Jane pehechane sa yeh ajnabi.

9 years ago

Missing all those wonderful episodes.........The show has lost its charm........

13 years ago

u 2 r just amazing
siddharth is really handsum

14 years ago

What the hell romance???No romance at all...just showing a few scnes and then starting some stupid track means ROMANCE???WOW!!I dint know that!!THIS SHOW IS UTTER RUBBISH!

14 years ago

yeah plz carry one we luv diz show n sid sanjeeda so carry on

14 years ago

cant wait for the romance they look amazing

14 years ago

ha ha ha anywz those cvs will never end that Bhool Bhulailya track..they will add romance in dat only...carry on cvs with ur idiotic serial....huh..

14 years ago

luv the show and the lead trio. Cant wait for the thriller to end and focus shifting to sweeter tracks. Cant wait for the romantic tracks.

14 years ago

cv's youre left with no options. To bring back the charm jus bring back <br/>ADITI TAILANG!!!!!!<br/>Until that no use of watching this show & total time waste.....there's nothing left in this show. What about nihal?????? Is he still on the show or not??? where are the cute nihal-maasi scences? this is not at all jpsya ugh!!!!

14 years ago

lol, i've never heard of a phera for good children either

14 years ago

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