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Veer and Paakhi to finally get married in Tumhari Paakhi!

Tumhari Paakhi is gearing up with an interesting track where finally Veer and Paakhi unwillingly will get married in its upcoming episodes.

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Shashi Sumeet Mittal's popular show Tumhari Paakhi on Life OK will soon gear up with an interesting track as Paakhi and Veer Pratap Singh will marry unwillingly. The show has seen lots of change in its storyline after the main lead Iqbal Khan made an exit from the show.

Varun Badola as Veer Pratap Singh was roped in opposite Paakhi (Shraddha Arya) to play the main lead. Finally the time has come when Paakhi and Veer will get married and their story will be showcased in the show.

As per the ongoing track Paakhi denies marrying Aaryaman (Iqbal Khan) instead she is ready to marry Veer Pratap Singh just because the family pressurizes her and for her young son Ayaan (Divyam Dama) as he needs a father. According to Paakhi, Veer is the correct person to become the father of Ayaan but Veer is not ready to marry her.

Now in the upcoming episode, Paakhi and Veer will marry unwillingly.

Our sources say, "Veer will try to escape from the house as he doesn't want to get married to Paakhi and on the other hand Paakhi has given her final verdict that she will only marry Veer and not Aaryaman as he is not the correct person to become Ayaan's father. Thus Paakhi's family will try convince Veer to marry Paakhi as it is the matter of Ayaan's future. Finally Veer will make his mind to marry Paakhi as he will think that because of him Paakhi and Ayaan's future will be in trouble. Finally both Paakhi and Veer will get married."

Will Veer and Paakhi come closer once they are married?

To know more keep reading the space.

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Raina123 6 years ago dear Cvs thank you from the core of my heart...for such an amazing storyline. Anshuman is gone...made a space for Veer to be in Pakhi's life. If Cvs can melt
our heart for anshuman and pakhi...they can do much more for the new couple. We just hv to trust the Cvs and enjoy the show...And one last thing...she waited for him for 18 yrs..& was with him for one yr, but now she will hv 18 more yrs with his pakhi...:)2014-09-07 14:31:08
ronshaan 6 years ago best of luck to Tumhari paakhi team , all the actors - varun badola , shrada arya and others !!!
lidvin 6 years ago In between tumari pakhi had become boring. Good to see Varun Badola in lead role. Shraddha Arya and Divyam Dama are fantastic actors
HopeAndBelieve 6 years ago It's definitely an interesting turn, and I am liking how CVs went on getting Pakhi a second chance at life. Shraddha has been awesome since the beginning, and I have been impressed with Veer's character played by Varun Badola. Can't wait for next episodes of Tumhari Paakhi.
ronshaan 6 years ago Tumhari paakhi name is not anshuman ki paakhi, after anshuman 1st wife death he got 2nd chance to re marry so why not paakhi?
MIK should have cared about his fans and not leave the show just because he did not like the progress, now that he is gone people should give chance to others as well.
I m glad that they chose varun badola because he is the best n the best compliment for him is that he wont leave till the show ends or they ask him. Cv are doing great job, i liked the way they picked up the story.
In other shows like qubool hain or pavitra rishta, when the male lead left, people were upset but gave the new comer chance to show what he can do.
So respect MIK decision n watch the show, anshuman the character is dead so his wife has full right to move on
I wonder if paakhi would die
Would u accept anshumans 4th wife?
-Wanderer- 6 years ago I was impressed when I heard that this was a show with a fixed track and a definite number of episodes. But as usual these people couldn't resist dragging it with ridiculous tracks u til viewers and actors got sick and tired of it. The difference with ending it sooner will be that people would have at least remembered it well.
ringroses 6 years ago Thank you so much TeamTP... mindblowing killer..'vroom vroom...&winner' episodes...!!!...Ayaan..VeerPratapSingh ...Anujaji...&Heart winner SuperInspiring Paakhi!!!...speechless!!!...GirishLaavanya..BhaisaBhabhisa..Mahaaji&gang...outstanding... wish you all..All The Very Best
bugsbunny12 6 years ago End the show...

if no iqbal khan...the show is a waste...1st anshuman dies n now no aryaman...

luvbbat 6 years ago Tumhari Pakhi means "Your Pakhi". It doesnt say "Anshuman's Pakhi." Yes, I loved Anshuman with Pakhi but since it was his decision to move on and the producers to keep the show on air; Pakhi also has to keep going. Life brings unexpected challenges in a person's life and if Pakhi marries Veer and does fall in love with him then there is nothing wrong - whether it is reel life or real life. Every person deserves happiness.
Salman-Khan-Fan 6 years ago Thank goodness. I wanted Anshuman back but thought if he didn't come back then Paakhi should marry Veer instead of Aaryaman and that is whats going to happen. Veer is the best choice and perfect, he would be good match with Paakhi. Firstly Paakhi couldn't marry Aaryaman as he was Anshumans look a like and you can't marry someone who looks like your husband as it would be weird and all the memories you have with your husband will come back. Also Paakhi blames Aaryaman for Anshumans death and this is another reason she couldn't marry him.
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