Varun Toorkey on entering Choti Sarrdaarni mid-way, dealing with mixed reactions and more

India Forums spoke to Varun Toorkey about the generation leap in Choti Sarrdaarni and here's the conversation. Read it here.

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Varun Toorkey is all set to take on the role of Kunal Malhotra as Choti Sarrdaarni is all set to undergo a leap of 16 years, thereby making way for a generation leap ahead. He will be seen playing a goody shoe character and lives for the little joys in life and is a very likable person.

India Forums got talking to Varun about the same and here's what he had to say.

What was the thought process of taking up the character and the show?

Well honestly, I was waiting to be vaccinated to start television again. When I started looking for work after getting vaccinated, then I came across this particular one then the thing which stood out for me was that the story was the star of the show. Ever since it had started and that has always fascinated me because I am always interested to know how they would twine the story after the leap and how I can become a part of that. So that’s that.

Any prep that went into it, or something that you had to learn/unlearn?

Not really, I mean I wanted to know if the character had any connection to the previous cast but that wasn’t the case as when the character enters the show, he makes fresh connections and the character development happens naturally, so no special preps as such, only the regular prep which has to be done.

Do you think entering any show mid-way has negatives to it?

Sure. Like everything else, it has its positives and negatives and it's not the first time, I’m entering a show mid-way. Actually, more than half of the shows which I’ve done, I’ve entered mid-way and received responses like this where some are quite strong and passionate and sometimes, they are quite emotional, but I’ve learned how to deal with it and this time around, it is quite chill and I’m alright.

A generation leap generally opens up to mixed reactions, what has the first-hand response been so far?

Like I mentioned earlier, with the generation leap, the viewers get attached to certain characters and the chemistry/ vibe of the show, and when people realize that it's going to change, then they do have a hard time accepting that. However, all I would like to say is give it a shot and watch it as everybody is working hard and make your decision once you’ve watched it enough to know whether or not you like it.

For a show that does well with numbers, what kind of pressure does it feel to take over as the lead?

Honestly, in the last two years, I’ve been very detached from the television, and only after I was confirmed for this show did I realize that it’s doing really well and the story is also the star of the show. As far as the pressure goes, there’s only so much pressure you can take and at the end of the day, I am an actor who is assigned to do a job and you can take some amount of pressure to push you to do a little better but it can be tricky at times. I have stopped taking too much pressure which ultimately affects my work only. There are different people with different reactions and I can do my best and hope for the best.

Lastly, what kind of roles are you looking to explore?

I am looking to explore anything interesting but if you ask me, the most favourite kind of roles to do, then that would be negative roles. I love playing negative characters. I just think there’s more scope to perform. It obviously depends on the way it's written but for me, I get a kick doing such roles than just being a goodie two shoes!

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