Vaquar Shaikh on his YouTube channel Shaikh Hands with Vaquar

Vaquar Shaikh on his YouTube channel Shaikh Hands with Vaquar, says it gets difficult with shooting schedule

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Vaquar Shaik
Vaquar Shaikh as Yashdeep in Anupamaa

Vaquar Shaikh, who is currently seen as Yashdeep in “Anupamaa”, started his YouTube channel Shaikh Hands with Vaquar around a year and a half ago. The actor has played around with his name and given it an interesting twist as the name for his channel. Through his channel, he gives the audience a peek inside his home and life. 

He said, “I realised that it is also a very important tool to connect with your fans and a lot of people and a lot of celebrities are on it. So I thought, why not? And since I don't have anything to hide, I thought I could take my audience, my fans and people who love me into my house. That's how I started making a vlog. The journey started a little slow as there was nobody to help me, so, everything I learned is from YouTube.“ 

“I made a lot of mistakes and eventually got the hang of it. God has been kind that I have decent subscribers, and I keep getting messages when I'm not able to shoot vlogs. They message me to keep making more,” he added. 

Vaquar started it to stay connected with his fans and said that his friends actually suggested that he should start vlogging. He shared, “At times, there's not much going on in life, and there was a time when I was not doing any show, and I was waiting for good offers. So I utilised that time. I had to be creative, so I used to make short movies on my mobile, and then people started telling me, why don’t you start vlogging? That actually inspired me.”

“My friends told me you should. I have a couple of friends who have been vlogging and doing well for themselves, and they said I should also do it. That's how it all started. That was the time when I was free and there was no new show and I didn't want to be at home and do nothing. So to be creative, I thought of making some short movies and vlogging,” he added.

His channel covers a to z about Vaquar and primarily focuses on his acting. “It was about how I started acting and how one should approach it, how are look tests done and how to crack them, screen tests, and how to prepare yourself etc. I usually do these kinds of things weekly, but later I started doing it every third day and then every day. Later, it became my family vlog since it’s about me. Then I also put travel vlogs, food vlogs, if I'm going out to eat something. I also put on some BTS as well.“ 


Since he is busy shooting for his show, the actor confessed that it gets difficult at times because he is unable to vlog. He added, “There are multiple reasons, like you don’t get time, and at times when you're shooting with people you might not like to take out your camera and start vlogging. It gets a little odd. But so far I have managed it well.”

Vaquar accepted that his vlogs have made it easy for him to stay connected with his fans. “I also go live at times. It makes your audience feel that this actor or celebrity is close to them. So I think more than us, it's our audiences who want to stay connected and, of course, it feels nice when we connect with them and personally interact with them. I look forward to going live whenever I get time.”

So will the audience get to see behind-the-scenes from his current show? “Yes, I will also be uploading a vlog which is from the sets of ‘Anupamaa’. It's nice and with time there will be a lot more vlogs from the sets and other work that I keep doing. Recently I have done a play, so I have uploaded that. Otherwise it’s about my house when I have an off, show what my wife has cooked and what I'm eating, what my kids are doing, etc. The general run down in 15 mins of what my day was all about,” Vaquar ended.

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