Vanshaj: DJ threatens Arjun to kill Yuvika or lose Bhoomi

In the upcoming episode of Vanshaj, DJ offers Arjun a gun to end Yuvika's life suffering, manipulating him with the threat of controlling Bhoomi's pacemaker and forcing him to choose between his mother and sister.

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Vanshaj: DJ threatens Arjun to kill Yuvika or lose Bhoomi
DJ from Vanshaj. Image Courtesy: Sony SAB

Within the Mahajan dynasty on Sony SAB's show Vanshaj, viewers are drawn into a mesmerising saga of complex relationships and the relentless pursuit of power. This causes tension within the Mahajan family and ignites a fierce rivalry between Yuvika and her cousin DJ (Mahir Pandhi). In recent episodes, DJ brings Yuvika's lookalike Chinki, claiming that Chinki is the real Yuvika, leading everyone in the family to believe DJ. However, Yuvika's mother, Bhoomi (Gurdeep Punj), and love interest, Neel (Mohit Kumar), start collecting evidence against Chinki to blow up DJ's plan.  

In the upcoming episode of Vanshaj, Arjun and Isha are feeling guilty for not recognising their sister, Yuvika, earlier. Arjun vows to stop DJ, who has been manipulating their family. In the jail kitchen, Yuvika confronts Gulrez Aapa angrily, leading to a tense standoff. Yuvika, injured, is helped by some sympathetic inmates. Struggling with pain and exhaustion, she sees a vision of Bhoomi, encouraging her to stay strong as she is determined to fight for her family's justice. Yuvika has been called for a visit. Hoping to see her mother, she rushes out. Yuvika is surprised to see Neel. Despite the chaos, they manage to share a moment. When suddenly, the police drag Yuvika away, leaving both feeling helpless and emotional. 

Yuvika is brought into a room where the DJ is waiting. DJ taunts her, revealing his awareness of her identity and boasting about his plans. DJ enjoys mocking her, reminding her of his control over her family's fate. As Yuvika walks back to her cell, she is suddenly struck on the head and collapses. DJ sinisterly offers Arjun a gun to end Yuvika's suffering. DJ manipulates Arjun by reminding him of the control he has over Bhoomi's pacemaker, forcing Arjun into a painful dilemma of choosing between saving his mother or sister.

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