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Vansh to propose Ichcha in Chandni style...

A dramatic sequence wherein Vansh showers flowers on Ichcha from a helicopter has been shot for COLORS' Uttaran...


COLORS and Film Farm's very popular show Uttaran will see a dramatic twist on March 4th, as Veer (Nandish Sandhu) comes face to face with the lucky girl who happens to be the love of his brother Vansh (Rohit Khurana).

The production house and channel left no stone unturned, and came up with an idea of Vansh proposing Ichcha from a helicopter. Yes, the scene was shot in typical Chandni style, with Vansh showering rose petals on Ichcha from the helicopter.

According to our source, "The channel and production house have been planning for this particular sequence for more than ten days now. They had to get all the permissions and clearances from the government to shoot this scene. A team comprising of the Director, cameraman and people from the production house made a visit to the Juhu airport from where the aircraft was supposed to take off. All minute details were taken care of to avoid technical snags during the time of shoot. A very eye-catchy red helicopter was chosen for the shoot. The unit was given a duration of six hours to shoot this sequence for which three camera set ups were used. The helipad in Film city where it landed had been sprinkled with water by twenty laborers to take away the dust, and flower petals worth Rs. 25,000 were showered from the top".

The shoot went on smoothly under the guidance of the Director Nandita Mehra, and the Producer duo Kalyan Guha and Harsh Dave.

Both Rohit Khurana and Tina Dutta were simply amazed on getting such an adventurous opportunity to shoot.

Speaking about this budding romance, Vansh played by Rohit Khurana said, "It was an incredible and an amazing experience for me. It was the first time ever that I've got an opportunity to enact such a romantic scene. I felt on top of the world. All my fears vanished with the sheer excitement of sitting in a helicopter and I think this is one my most adventurous performances till date."

While co-star and lady love Ichcha, played by Tina Dutta added, "Being the center point of this dramatic scene was like a dream come true. I always wished that the love of my life would propose to me in such a grand and romantic manner. However enacting a sequence for reel life was also quite thrilling and exciting. Earlier we would only imagine seeing such scenes in movies, but I am delighted that the viewers of Uttaran will get a chance to watch such a breathtaking scene on television too."

This dramatic proposal of Vansh will be aired on March 4th.


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LimitLessFan 10 years ago it was awwwww episode , but veer and ichas expressions where wow .... poor guys why become mahan and suffer
Silentsoul 10 years ago Poor veer....but vansh iccha lookgood together.....
sweetangel_25 10 years ago Vansh has only called Veer there to let him meet the 'love of his life' ....just waiting to see Veer's reaction here....
sanw 10 years ago this is incredible. cant miss this episode. but what is veer doing there too?
BayAreaGuru 10 years ago Sahi hai
But I felt bad for Veer in the promo
SheVi4life 10 years ago i watched this show for like two weeks nd i luved it...sadly i dont get time to watch it anymore but i feel like vaansh and iccha would make a great pair..i hope they get together in the show!!...
matwamango 10 years ago Veer didn't have a chance to win Ichcha back with Vansh waltzing in like Majnu. Not very original but Vansh has style i'll give him that
maahimaaa 10 years ago i love ichcha and vansh they look beautiful together
Dhriti. 10 years ago Dushman na kare bhai ne vo kam kiya hai, umr bhar ka gham ise inamm diya hai....(poor Veer)2010-03-03 09:20:16
shonuu 10 years ago poor veer,,,,bhai ne bhai ko loot lia....2010-03-03 07:49:27
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