Vaishnavi to the rescue of Pratha..

Vaishnavi, God's blessed child will perform Mata Ki Chowki at Pratha's place, thus bringing about a union of the two popular Sahara One shows..

Sahara One's popular shows Mata Ki Chowki and Shubh Kadam will see an internal merger in the coming episodes when Pratha (Mahi Vij) bumps into Vaishnavi (Muskaan Arora) and requests her to perform a Mata Ki Chowki at her place.

The present track of Shubh Kadam has Pratha fighting against all odds as unfortunate events keep happening in her house, and she is being blamed for everything.

Mahi Vij says, "We are shooting this sequence tonight. Pratha wants to win over the evil and requests Vaishnavi who is God's blessed child to come to her house and perform the puja".

Hope this brings some peace in the life of Pratha!!

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Mahhi Vij

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yes i saw the promo ..... i got confused for a second .... but it was nice ... thnks.

15 years ago

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