Vaishnavi again in a Mother-Avatar

Vaishnavi, who we all know as Mayank’s mother in Miley Jab Hum Tum, has bagged yet another role as Ejaz Khan’s mother in Bhaskar Bharti.

Sony Television's Bhaskar Bharti is introducing the family of Bhaskar which gives way to Vaishnavi's entry into the serial.

Vaishnavi is all cheers about her new role as she goes on to say, "Yes, it's indeed interesting to bag a role as Bhaskar's mom. My character is a typical small town woman from Gwalior. She has always been dominated by her husband. She loves her son a lot but the sad part is, she has been living away from him since the last seven years. She is also very emotional."

Vaishnavi assures us that she is in Bhaskar Bharti to stay for long. She says, "My role is a long running one. But how the story would proceed I leave for you to guess."
The Vaishnavi we see in Miley Jab Hum Tum is quite different from the Vaishnavi we see in Bhaskar Bharti. To this the actress tells us, "Yes in Miley Jab Hum Tum I am playing the role of a modern mom and in Bhaskar Bharti like I said I am playing a mom from small town. Also for this role I don't wear loads of make –up. But I definitely am enjoying both my character."

Even though the two characters are poles apart Vaishnavi surprises us by saying that she can relate to both the characters. She says, "I relate myself with both the characters as I'm born and brought up in a small town but now making a living here in this big town."

If sources are to be believed Bhaskar's mother who is now in Gwalior will come down to Mumbai which will begin a new phase of the show.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author:Susan Jose

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Awww, I love Vaishnavi in both MJHT and BB! She's such an awesome actress! So happy to see her in both shows, she rocks!

14 years ago

she is a ausome actresss she is too vute i really like her

14 years ago

i love her
she is amazing whatever she done almost do her best

14 years ago

I love her! She is an amazimg woman! I love her as Mayanks mom and now we get to see her as Bhaskar Bhartis mom! Two of my favorite shows she is in! Makes it even better!


14 years ago




14 years ago

just love her in MJHT and am sure she's gonna be great in BB too

14 years ago

i like her in choona hai aasman , she becomes a mother of sameera aka jahnvi and i like her romantic angle with Narendra jha.

14 years ago

awww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gr8 yaar..
thnx TB!!!
all d best to her..she is playin an awesum job!!!!

14 years ago

Love her as Mayu's mom in MJHT.BEst onscreen mom. I wish her best of luck for her role in BB>

14 years ago

awwww cant wait to c her in bb.. she is an awesome actress.. love her in mjht..

14 years ago

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