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Urvashi Dholakia to launch her very own chat show - 'Trending Now'!

Actress Urvashi Dholakia is all set to launch her very own digital chat show called 'Trending Now'.


Actress Urvashi Dholakia is all set to launch her very own digital chat show called 'Trending Now'. In these lockdown and home quarantine times, Urvashi too is making good use of the digital platform by creating personalized content which is informative as well as light and fun, catering to the need of the hour.

Through the course of the show, Urvashi will be seen chatting up with personalities from diverse fields. Not only wanting to limit herself to the entertainment industry, Urvashi is going to reach out to people from various spaces and connect with them about their lives in widely candid conversations.

Already having interviewed some special guests for the show like Tony Kakar, Sriti Jha, Sumona Chakravarti and  few more, Urvashi is all set to bring to the table something totally new and fresh with this unique chat show.

Speaking about 'Trending Now', Urvashi shares,"Digital media has taken over every possible medium at this moment, and it is the one thing that is successfully moving forward on a high! So I too thought of making good use of this space, specially during this home quarantine phase where people are only resorting to whats happening in the digital space. The idea of a candid, fun and light chat show was something that instantly crossed my mind because I am someone who loves to talk and connect with people, and get the best out of them with my humourous and saracastically witty side! Through 'Trending Now' I will be revealing a totally side of each guest, bringing out what people don't really know about them. All my conversations will be fun, witty, quirky and informative of course, which is what we all need at the moment. But the main aim through them is to lighten the worrisome atmosphere we are living in right now, with a great mind diverter which 'Trending Now' will definitely offer."

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