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'Undone' Star Rosa Salazar on Playing Animated Versions of Herself Multiple Times

Before Undone, the actress also had an animated version of herself in Alita: Battle Angel


There is a certain chance that you may not recognize actress Rosa Salazar right away when you see her in her normal self. Wondering what are talking about? Given the fact that Salazar has played multiple animated versions of herself in multiple films, the practice of doing that certainly seems to be up her alley.

The actress' latest portrayal of the same, Undone on Amazon Prime Video has already been received with critical acclaim. Things are however different with Undone as compared to Salazar's earlier CGI version in Alita: Battle Angel. In Undone, the show uses a technique called rotoscoping, where animators draw over live-action footage to create realistic motion, resulting in intricately drawn animated replicas of the actors. Salazar said that it's an accident that she's cornered the market on these projects ?— noting she has live-action movies coming down the pipeline soon ?— but likes that she gets to clone herself and spread into other dimensions through her characters. 

"It's funny that the things I'm most well-known for are animated versions of myself and I love it," Salazar told The Hollywood Reporter. "It gives me a level of anonymity so far in my career, but I've never looked so much like myself as I do in Undone, so that might end with this project." 

Undone, from BoJack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg and writer Kate Purdy, follows Alma (Salazar), a woman looking for meaning in her life who finds herself able to time travel and speak with her dead father (Bob Odenkirk) after a car crash. Undone takes place in San Antonio, Texas, with Alma as a half-Mexican 28-year-old who lost her hearing at a young age. Although Alma's family is Latinx and heritage is a part of the storyline, it's rarely the focus. 

"I'm Latinx and I love it when we can make a show about Latinx people that isn't about piñatas and it's not so cheeky, it's just a part of who this character is. It remains important without having to be beaten over your head," Salazar said of how Undone treats Alma's heritage. "It's also important considering everything that's going on in the world and what's going on more specifically in Texas; it's special that we have the show coming out and we can show some love to the Latinx people of Texas." 

"You want to be used, you don't want to just sit and putz around on your phone," she added of time spent on set. "I remember calling my agent and saying, 'I just want to do something where I feel like I'm contributing at every moment, I don't want to sit around and eat Cheetos, I want to be used.' And they used me." 

Undone, which also stars Daveed Diggs and Siddarth Dhananjay and marks Amazon's first half-hour animated show, began streaming September 13.

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