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Unable To Perform Well In Cinemas, 'Hamid' Gets A Release On Netflix

Maybe it should have always been on Netflix


One of the biggest boons of the rise of the digital age is how content has become the king and there is a shop available for all forms of content which probably doesn't perform well in cinemas. The latest example of that is the film, Hamid.

A small and niche film, it is about an eight-year-old Hamid who learns that 786 is God's number and decides to try and reach out to God, by dialing this number. He wants to talk to his father, who his mother tells him has gone to Allah. One fine day the phone call is answered, and two lives shattered in the strife of Kashmir find a way to be complete again.

After a long wait, Hamid did finally get a release theatrically back in March 2019. However, it did not perform commercially and not many were aware of it too. But what was expected has finally happened as the film is now available and streaming on Netflix. Yes! That's right. With major streaming platforms open to be home to good content, this certainly is good news.

So, guys, in case you have also missed this gem of a film, don't forget to watch it on Netflix.


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