Udne Ki Aasha actor Tanvi Shewale- I love to work and I can work for more days on television

Tanvi Shewale, who plays Roshni in Rahul Tewary & Rolling Tales Production’s Udne Ki Aasha, loves to shoot and work regularly.

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Udne Ki Aasha
Udne Ki Aasha actor Tanvi Shewale. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

Actor Tanvi Shewale, who plays the role of Roshni in Rahul Tewary & Rolling Tales Production’s Udne Ki Aasha, says that she loves to shoot and work regularly. The actor says that as of now her shooting schedules are not so hectic, and thus, she can get time with her family.

“Honestly, I love shooting. I can work 20-25 days a month. It's an honour to work every day. I look forward to going on set and working with everyone. The people and the actors on set are amazing. Although it can sometimes be hectic, it's okay. Regarding managing my time, we get some holidays in between. Whenever I get a break, I spend time with my family and friends. For now, I'm getting some breaks, so it's not that hectic for me. I love shooting and can't sit at home for long. At most, I can stay home for two consecutive days; then I need to work. It's not hard for me,” she says.

She adds, “Night shoots can be tiring because you shoot all night and feel exhausted the next day. Your eyes start hurting, and you feel dizzy, and sometimes your face looks puffy. These are the main issues with night shoots. But if it's a fun sequence, it feels different at night. To help with this, I sleep as soon as I get home, eat proper food, and drink water. Keeping hydrated and healthy is essential, though it is tiring.”

A daily soap means a daily grind and with summers in, it is physically exhausting too, she says, adding, “In the summer, especially during outdoor shoots, the heat at noon can be intense. We drink a lot of water, nimbu pani, electrolytes, or Glucon-D. Between shots, we turn on the big fans on set to stay cool. Drinking water is crucial, and I also eat fruits. My mom specially packs food to keep me hydrated,” she says.

However, it is all worth it in the end. She says, “I love the constant work, and I love watching myself on television. Yes, it’s hectic at times to work as fast as possible. I think television challenges you that way, and that is what I like. I think an actor is an actor, whether he performs in theatre or on TV or in films or web series. It depends on what your work says and not what you are labelled as.”

 She adds, “I love to work and I can work for more days on television I think television has a large audience and people recognize you when you reach every house and you get appreciated for your work. To reach everyone's house and get appreciated is the biggest thing.”

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