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Udaariyaan actor Karan V Grover on love triangles being a set formula: Everyone's work has a format

Karan V Grover spoke to India Forums on what he thinks love triangles being a tried and tested formular on television. He has quite the wise thing to say.

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Karan V Grover

Udaariyaan witnessed a new entry in the show when Karan V Grover stepped in as Angad Maan and is to be eventually paired opposite Priyanka Chaodhary aka Tejo. The fans of the latter were extremely happy about a new man opposite their most favourite, however, it only lead to another love triangle blooming on the show.

The show already had an ongoing love triangle but Karan's entry introduced a different one in the show. India Forums got in touch with Karan and we quizzed him about how it is one of the most tried and tested formula for television. And while he agrees, he also raises an equally valid point. He told us, ''I would agree to what you are saying but only if you give me a better option. It is like me telling you that you answer similar questions when a new character enters a show. Everyone's work has a format, and understanding that properly and entertaining you is my job.''

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He added, ''This is a love story, and a love story in general, when there's any health concern, it induces a sense of tension. Secondly, it only so happens that either a partner falls out of love or a different person comes in and that relationship gets spoiled. This is the 'saar' of life, not just on TV, same is the case in Hollywood or Bollywood, etc. So, if we are making a love story, we will use the elements of the love story, and if they are cliché, or overdone, or used, we will use it until we are not given a better option for it, and until then, I will not admit that it is not working or it has gotten boring. There needs to be a better option.''

This week, Udaariyaan managed to hold onto its spot on the 3rd position in the TRP list once again and has stayed steady in the top 5 ever since it first made an entry in the list.

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BlackWitch 2 months ago I really want to see what will happen if every ITV show began making progressive content only. Would the TRP people who view the toxic shows stop watching TV? Or will there be a major mindset shift, where good content is appreciated? How long will Indian show writers keep dancing on the fiddle of a formula, when there is a whole wide world of creativity waiting to be discovered?
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