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Udaan to go OFF-AIR on this date....

The Colors show has run its course.


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India Forums recently reported that Colors' long-running show Udaan will soon see its end. The show in the past few months had incorporated a plethora of changes, including adding to the star cast and introducing new angles to the story. After a series of leaps, the show is shutting shop. 

With the track coming to an end soon, we hear that Udaan will be off-air by the last week of the month on 28th September. We already know that the upcoming show titled Dastaan-E-Mohabbat: Salim Anarkali will be taking its slot on the channel. The show will go on-air on 2nd October. 

Udaan starring Meera Deosthale, Vijayendra Kumeria, Vidhi Pandya and Mohammad Nazim ran for 4 successful years. The show started out as a social commentary on bonded labour and later went on the explore the troubles of its setting, Azadgunj further. However, it ran its course and there isn't much room for more in the plot. 

Did you watch Udaan? Let us know what you think about the show in the comments below-   

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amrutha131 1 years ago Udaan is 2nd top daily on Colors,it shouldn't end
Love Vijayendra Kumeria and Meera Deosthale
Tede_naina 1 years ago The show anyhow as rehashing the same shit again and again im happy if its going off air
vaishu.6 1 years ago i'm not 100% confirmed abt udaan's off-air news bt ishq mein marjawan show will definitely go off-air bc immj's revamp is finite series & it's all abt 52 episodes.savitri devi serial ke hone naa hone se colors ko koi farak nahi i'm not going 2 talk abt that show.& immj revamp is flop revamp.that's why rangeela is also not promoting that show on tv.still udaan's actors didn't give any confirmation news abt immj is full ready 2 go off-air in sept2018-09-06 01:47:15
jayshree1942 1 years ago but color is starting two new shows that means two shows should go off air, one is udaan and then which is another one
Blushy_Auntacid 1 years ago Salim anarkali that's all whats left historical romance to educate youths, it shall play due to Shaheer's fame but for how long? Couldn't they had vacated Savitri devi slot or selling her daughter for money slot for the soo called historical romance? that show doesn't even have a head or feet... i admit there was some major setbacks in Udaan due to the hype of Imli devi but it can't match the level of Simar or uttaran but still they were given chance after chance inspite of it's lack to attract audience which Sukor is doing effortlessly Meera Deosthale alone is shouldering the show currently. I wish its a mistake and they rethink about their idea
Shaina_b 1 years ago The show as it is is repeating the same things for a long time!!!!

shwetadesh 1 years ago Good that the show is calling its quits. Had lost it long ago when the story went around in circles.
Ruby7 1 years ago Udaan is just not a show for me, i have lived, studied and admired the show. Started watching from the 1st episode. Still hoping for an extension, bec all other colors shows get it, some even got 3 extensions and ran for 1yr post that. I hope the end is neat and tidy and the focus is back on Sukor ASAP. If its ending they need to keep Gumaan and his family away from the show. The final episodes should be dedicated to Sukor. Vijayendra Kumeria and Meera Deosthale have been phenomenal. wishing them all the best
malarmia 1 years ago Udaan deserves a proper ending. I hope the ending is not rushed due to the new show. Multiple leaps have ruined the beauty of Udaan but still it deserves the best end. Vijayendra Kumeria & Meera Deosthale were so underrated but only Udaan fans know the risks these two have taken throughout the show. They deserve the best. Lots of love to MeeJay.
nemo316 1 years ago Sukor will always be my favorite jodi.
Wish Vijayendra Kumeria and Meera Deosthale more success in their careers and happiness in their lives, they're very underappreciated.
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